Wyndham Palms Resort Condos--anyone stayed?


Earning My Ears
Feb 23, 2000
Has anyone stayed at the Wyndham Palms Resort Condos. Can you share your experiences with this gated community (i.e. distance from maingate Disney, amenities and so on.). Also what was the best price you rented these for.
we will be staying there in april-may for the first time. spoke to paulo who works there and he said that animal kingdom is 2 blocks away. i'll bet these 2 blocks are more like a half a mile, from what i can remember about this area. this resort is on the west side of disney...which makes for less traffic getting to the parks. there are a lot of restaurants and a publix is nearby. we are renting a 3 bdrm for $55/nite. can't beat that price. we got that price from their website. the only thing i don't like about this resort so far, is that to get your room assignment and key you have to drive further into kissimee, about 5 miles from the condos. i would prefer onsite help with this.

i hope someone on these boards has stayed there.....and can help us with more info.

Wyndham Palms is VERY! close to Animal Kingdom as is Emerald Island Resort, 2 blocks is pushing it a bit though, as owners at Emerald Island we have got friendly with a couple who have a 2 bed Condo at Wyndham Palms, thier place is lovely.
You did well to get the $55 rate that is the cheapest I have ever seen for that area and the facilities you will be getting!
Overall Wyndham Palms is a superb resort and you will be very pleased.
We are staying at Villa Provence in the Wyndham Palms soon. We paid a little over $900 for the week. I booked back in July. Our home away from home has 4 br and 3 baths. The pictures are lovely, but I don't know much else. I'd also be interested to hear from someone who has stayed there. I'm curious about the daily shuttle to the parks. If nothing else, I'll report back when we get home!

Thanks for the reponses,

Littleducksmom, we also got the same rate as you did. We are going during the Memorial Day holiday week. From everything I saw on the internet, the condos for $55 a night is a great bargain (although the price has gone up to $75 a night since we booked). Also, the clubhouse and pool area seem to be real nice, not that we will have time to use them after getting back from the parks. Does anyone know what time the pool area opens and closes?
I'm real interested in that 55.00 special but don't know what website you find this information? Could somebody post the link they used? Thank you. Is this for a 2 bedroom?
Hey Coggie!
LSUGirl said stop taking credit for her great bargain find!
By the way, I found it, I get the master bedroom. HA!
Littleducksmom, I may be confused (a common state for me) but weren't you the one that stayed at Calypso Cay?? If so, are you going to Wyndham this time just to try something different?

you have a very good memory and arent confused at all:)....yes that was me that stayed at calypso cay last dec. we are going back to wdw late next week and staying at the wyndham palms this time......we have a great rate there and will need more room since there will be 4 adults and our 1 year old. i am always looking at all of our options on all of our trips.....i love to find a bargain at a great place. are you looking to stay at wyndham palms or calypso cay? i'll have to do another resort report when we get back. this time on the wyndham palms.

We're staying at Calypso in the brand new apartment/condo section called Runaway Bay. It's a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom "luxury apartment" with privledges to all the resort amenities. Our rate is 85.00 a night. I have found lots of photos, but zero interior pics so far :rolleyes:
I thought you maybe just wanted to try something else but "making sure" there wasn't a reason you didn't return to Calypso Cay. I was told no time share tour and it's noted as such on my paperwork. Hope you love Wyndham, give us a good trip report.
Coggy, we rented a 3 bedroom condo at Wyndham Palms for the first week of March this year, and absolutely loved both the unit and the property itself. It is beautiful, new and meticulously maintained and the recreational facilities are wonderful. We'll definitely be going back to stay there on our next visit to WDW. We rented privately through an owner on www.vrbo.com and paid $695 for the week - which we considered a real steal given the quality of the property. It is a very quiet property, yet close to everything. It's only about 2 minutes off Hwy. 192 and is close to convenience stores, restaurants, grocery shopping, and best of all, it's amazingly close to WDW! We were about 10 minutes maximum to the parking lots at all of the parks. The traffic was almost nonexistent (Wyndham Palms is west of WDW off 192, and it seemed to us when we ventured east on 192 for dinner on a couple of nights that 192 east was much more congested). If you have any specific questions about the property please don't hesitate to ask.


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