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    Apr 10, 2003
    I just got back from two nights here...some pro's and cons:


    -Good housekeeping. I never saw them, yet my room was always clean by 11:00am each day (I'd leave by 7:30 and come back around that time.)

    -My room had hardwood floors, as did my friends. I liked this a lot. The rooms also had a nice, beachy decor, with yellow and blue colors. The bed was fairly comfy, and had down pillows. Also a nice sized closet.

    -Good location, corner of International and Sand Lake. Very close to many restaurants, also close to the Ripley's Museum, Titanic, Wet 'n Wild. We were able to walk to wherever we wanted to eat.

    -We had room service one morning, it was very prompt.

    -The employees were all helpful and courteous. But honestly, I interacted with only a few.


    -Many rooms had exterior corridors. I was not thrilled with this, for the price I was expecting interion corridors. Also some of the rooms had balconies, but ours did not.

    -Very large, spread out.

    -Some run-down looking areas...i.e., an a/c unit with part of the casing broken and hanging off, a weird stain on my bathroom wall.

    -The worst part was the connecting door between my friends room and the room next door. Unbeknownst to her, the door was unlocked...well, someone checked in at about 3am into the connecting room, and opened that door...I have no idea why, but they did, totally freaking her out...she then went to lock the door, but found it would not lock. So she just propped a chair up to it. She never called the hotel to let them know about this lock (not sure why) but that added to the slightly 'run down' feel.

    I did not get a chance to use the pool or fitness center, so I can't comment on either. I did see the pool, though, and it looked nice.

    Hope this helps anyone considering staying there. If I were going to Universal, I might stay there again...but for the price, I'm sure there are better places to be found. Also not a good choice if Disney is your primary destination, Disney is about 20 minutes away.

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