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    Jul 28, 2012
    Hi all! We are staying at the Wyndham Grand Sept 11-16. This is my bf and my first time to WDW, but the people we are going with have been before, but not at this hotel.

    We are renting a car but I'm also wondering about the hotel shuttle to WDW. How long does it take to get from the hotel to the various parks by shuttle?

    We have breakfast reservations two mornings before the parks open (one at DHS and the other at AK), will the shuttle be running that early or should we plan on driving ourselves to make it there in time for breakfast?

    At the end of the night, is there a long wait for the shuttle back to the hotel? We will have two kids with us (5 and 11) and they will be exhausted, so I'm trying to figure out if it would be better to deal with a shuttle or walking to our car and getting back to the hotel that way.

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    Travel time between the hotel and the parks would be in the 10-15min range generally. (or shorter) The hotel is located really close to the parks. (closer than some Disney resorts).

    For the MK, remember that the bus will drop you off at the TTC where you will then need to take the ferry or monorail to the park.

    When you check in, they should give you a bus schedule. That might help you determine if the shuttle will get you where you want to go on time that day. They can probably also tell you if the shuttle stops at multiple parks, which could increase the time between the hotel and park. (MK and EPCOT on a single loop/trip for example)

    The Wyndham Grand shares a lot of amenities and a location with the Wyndham Bonnett Creek timeshare resort which you can find a LOT of information on here on the DIS. Some of your questions about the hotel can probably be answered in some of those threads. The Grand is operated separately though, and does have it's own shuttle, separate from the Timeshare shuttle. (Though you could easily catch the timeshare shuttle back to the property if it's more convenient, you'll just have to walk a bit further from the busstop back to your room)

    Also something to keep in mind, The Grand has a daily parking fee and a resort fee that is in addition to your nightly rate. Considering it's not mentioned on a lot of the Grand materials out there, it is worth mentioning to help prevent any nasty surprises.

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