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Aug 22, 1999
While surfing the Net during the DIS's downtime I came across this webpage (ok it was a link from a restaurant in my town that I was applying for a job at)

But this thing is fabulous!! Ive been going to town reviewing access to all the resteraunts at WDW and my town that I have gone to....You can als search for your town and review restaurants locally!!!

Here is a list of what they ask for you to comment on...

Your Email Address: (optional)

Your Nickname:

I reviewed this restaurant primarily from the perspective of:

Select Standard Chair Wider Chair Walker/Crutches Visual/Blind Hearing/Deaf Multiple

Getting There/Parking
Select Don't Know No Poor Ok Good WOW!
•Is the restaurant in a location that is easy to get to?
•Is it close to public transportation?
•Is there on-site disabled-person only parking available?
•If so, are curb-cuts near each disabled-person only spot?
•How close are disabled-person only spots to the restaurant?

Select Don't Know No Poor Ok Good WOW!
•Is there front-door access to the restaurant?
•If so, is the front door easy to enter?
•If the main entrance has stairs, is a ramp or other accessible entrance offered as an alternative?

Getting around indoors Select Don't Know No Poor Ok Good WOW!
•Are tables easy to get to?
•Is a wheelchair easily maneuverable between tables?
•Do all or a majority of the tables offer wheelchair accessible seating?


Select Don't Know No Poor Ok Good WOW!
•Is the restroom easy to enter?
•Are stalls wheelchair-accessible, with grab bars on either side of toilet?

Service and Communication
•Are Braille menus available? Select Yes No Don't Know
•Are Large Font menus available? Select Yes No Don't Know
•Is anyone on staff able to interpret sign language? Select Yes No Don't Know

Your Overall Rating Select No Poor Ok Good WOW!
•Based on the ratings you've provided above, please submit your overall rating of this restaurant.


The NO Poor OK Good and WOW! will be in pull down screens and the comment is a big window to tell any exttra thoughts you have! :)

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Wired On Wheels

If there is a restaurant you want to review that isn't listed just simply add it using their simple add in form! :)

I urge you to not only add your thoughts but give this to every handi person you know to add theirs as well! :)

This website seems to need A LOT of reviews...please add yours and pass it on to other so that they may add their input.
That's a neat idea. I couldn't get it to give me any ratings, but the "rate a restaurant" page came up.
As I said in my post Sue there aren't many reviews...so thats WHY we need to give our input and pass it around!! :) Its very important that we make our opinions known! :)
I didn't find any.:(
I was hoping to find at least a few. We need to get as many as possible put in. I want to find something next time I look.
Why don;t you add some?? thats why I posted this so everyone could add their input to the page and (hopefully) make it as popular as DIS!! :)
If every single person from The DIS who is who is disabled or has a disabled family member or friend does not go to www.wiredonwheels.org and post reviews of restaurants that you have been to, then you have no right to ever complain about accesability again.

This is a real chance to let people know the accessability of your favorite or most hated establishment. That is unless you believe that you are the only disabled person who will visit the establishments you do from the beginning of time until the end of time.

Especially since the ratings on www.wiredonwheels.org aren't handed down from someone who thinks they know what "accessible", instead they are rated by everyday average disabled people just like you. If you visit the site, and your main compaint is that the restaurats that you visit are not rated, who's fault is that?? YOURS! You've already been to the restaurant and know what the accessibilty is like. The person who needs the rating is someone who has never been there before. They need your opinion!

If you are saying "my one or two measly reviews aren'yt going to make a difference", then you have the same apathetic attitude as those restaurant owners who say "we probably won't have any disabled customers, so we'll just make our restaurant barely accessible. "

It takes all of about 30 seconds to add a rating (maybe a whole 2 minutes if you have to add a restaurant). and it doesn't cost a thing. This is a chance to be pro-active and help the other disabled members of your community, as well as the Disney community, from the comfort of your very own home.

So if you think the accessibilty of every you have ever visited is perfect and you think it doesn't matter if people know if a place is accessible or not, then wiredonwheels is probably not for you. And if people don't visit the site, post reviews, and tell everyone they know about the site, then it will whither up and die, just like 90% of all helpul disability websites, due to lack of support from the diabled community! Then again maybe the ratings will just magically appear. :rolleyes:


(wizard in a wheelchair clipart)
OK, I went thru the list and added reviews of all the places I could remember. Please add your two cents worth.


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