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Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by donny, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. donny

    donny Mouseketeer

    Jun 24, 2006
    in my opininion busch gardens in tampa bay is the worst theme park i have ever been to, it has a lot of cool roller coasters but the food is the worst, it's the worst kept up place ever and everyone is a jerk :furious:
  2. grinningghost

    grinningghost <font color=green>Has a thing for the Swiss Family

    Apr 6, 2002
    Not sure if this is Disney-related enough to be on this board - unless someone posts one of the Disney theme parks as the worst. ;)

    And who, in their right mind, would do that? :)
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  4. laceemouse

    laceemouse laceemouse

    Apr 20, 2003
    Have not been to BG Tampa in YEARS, but I find it hard to believe that it is not "kept up." We went to BG Williamsburg a couple of years ago and it was gorgeous (they have won awards for their grounds and such) and have been to SW in Orlando and San Antonio and these are ALL owned by Busch and are all very nice, clean, well run, ect.....We are not into coasters, so WDW has more that we enjoy, but I find it hard to believe BGT is that bad :confused3 .
  5. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Cannot_Wait_4Disney Ok all you A cattle, get in ...

    May 18, 2005
    The worst one ever is something like fatazyland or somethiing like that. I read a review on another site and it was hilarious. In short, it looked like a closed themepark that someone in the neighborhood hopped in the ticketbooth and scammed the tourist for an entrance fee.
  6. princess22

    princess22 DIS Veteran

    Apr 13, 2006
    Busch Gardens is not that bad. I never found it dirty or not well kept. And the BBQ place by Sheikra was quite good!
  7. CrazyChik

    CrazyChik <marquee><font color=blue>It's just a jump to the

    May 8, 2006
    i hate cypruss gardens its pretty but more like a fun fair
  8. cleo

    cleo <font color=blue>Egyptian Beauty Queen<br><font co

    Aug 28, 1999
    Which Busch Gardens did you go to? Because it can't be the one in Tampa. We visit there frequently and it isn't filthy with lousy food (or did you bring your own picnic? :teeth: ) and jerks running rampant. In fact, we know quite a few of the employees and they're a fabulous group of people. :)

    Methinks you are looking to stir up trouble, and people would be wise not to jump on your particular bandwagon. However, since this has nothing to do with Disney you're off to the Orlando board.
  9. isla bonita

    isla bonita DIS Veteran

    Oct 18, 2004
    I totally disagree. We have season passes this year to both SW and BG and we think they are great.

    I actually think there rhino ralley is one of the best rides we have been on as a family.

    The show Katonga was beautiful. I am so surprised to hear this. We also ate at a couple of different places and enjoyed most of the food.

    They have a great place for the little ones all around the park. So when the bigger kids are doing something we can stay together in the same area.

    We are heading down again in Feb and can not wait to do more coasters and see the new Shamu show.

    Sorry to hear it was so dissapointing.

    Maybe for you it is not wise to venture off Disney property. All things are not for all people.
  10. AJKMOM

    AJKMOM DIS Veteran

    Jun 21, 2000
    Don't go to Six Flags, they are the worst. A few years ago we went to the one in Ohio (it's not a Six Flags any more). It took us 45 minutes just to get tickets and get in the gate. We were there 5 hours and the lines were so bad, we got on 5 rides, not any major attractions. It took over 30 mintes just to get their mini-pizza, which they called "fast food". It was a nightmare and we would not go back.
  11. Christypl

    Christypl Mouseketeer

    Jun 20, 2005
    I LOVE Cypress Gardens. It is in my hometown. The allure of the park isnt the cheesy rides...they are all pretty new. The park has a long history, some great exhibits and shows. I take my son at least once a week. The annual pass was only $69. They also have a small water park.
  12. Magalex

    Magalex DIS Veteran

    Jan 14, 2004
    I agree that Six Flags of Ohio was not very good at all. They ran that park into the ground. Luckily the Cedar Point Co. took it over and now it is Geauga Lake. They are working very hard to make a great little park. The old Sea World side is now the Water park area. We went last year. We had a nice time. The children's area is wonderful. The Peanut characters are at Geauga Lake. Very Cute. They lower the prices. We did noticed alot of managers walking around with clip boards making notes . It is still a work in progress
  13. zalansky

    zalansky <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sponsors/s

    Sep 17, 2003
    I live in Tampa and have annual passes to Busch Gardens. I have found that they actually keep the place very clean these days, and actually have not noticed it being dirty. The food is not so great at some places, but the barbeque place by Sheikra someone else mentioned, is great. No worse than Disney food, IMO. I do think that the clientele at times leaves something to be desired where I never find that at Disney. And Busch Gardens does not enforce their smoking area rules, which I hate. And it seems the majority of the clientele smokes. Other than that we really enjoy BG.

    On a sidenote - Christypl , I love your photo in your signature!! :goodvibes
  14. Christypl

    Christypl Mouseketeer

    Jun 20, 2005
    And I agree about the BBQ place at BG...the brisket is yummy!!!!
  15. Zim

    Zim Meow meow

    Jun 30, 2004
    I've never been to that BG, but the one in Williamsburg is my absolute favorite amusement park around here... we live almost in the center of four major parks - Busch Gardens, Williamsburg; Hershey Park, PA; King's Dominion, VA; and, Six Flags just outside DC. And I rate them in that order.

    It may be a chain thing, because the Six Flags here is just as bad. I thought maybe it was because it's just outside of DC... the grounds are very poorly kept, the help is rude and coaster rides kept closing. I haven't been there in years because we have so many other quality parks around here. But my dd8 is wondering why she can't go to the park with the crazy old dancing man - so we may have to give it another shot, if only so she can see the same comparisons!

    The absolute worst park I ever went to was Knoebel's... but that's not on the same scale, so I didn't add it above - it's like a permanent carnival located in the middle of a campground in PA. My aunt swore I'd love it, but 90% of the rides were so cheesy or just plain falling apart. And if the ride was halfway decent, it's didn't apply to their ride all day pass, and you'd have to hunt down a ticket booth to buy more tickets. Ugh - I've never been so nickel and dimed to death. I'm sure we blew as much there as any decent amusement park when it was all said and done. The only redeeming quality would have been if someone wanted a walk down memory lane to see the retro rides they probably rode as a child at fairs or carnivals... :teeth:
  16. Philagoofy

    Philagoofy <font color=purple>Guess my favorite dog!<br><font

    Aug 9, 2004
    I love your picture. Did you do that on your computer or was that something Disney did for you. It's really great.
  17. shoney

    shoney DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2005
    Haven't been to the one in Tampa, but have been to Williamsburg a few times. My family and I enjoy the food there much more than Disney. We are probably in the minority but we have never been impressed with Disney's food (at the restaurants we've been to).
    As far as food we prefer Universal's quality. Mythos is great!...so is the Irish pub!
    Have to say I am looking forward to going to Busch Gardens Tampa, but will wait until the kids are old (and brave!) enough to enjoy the coasters.
  18. djm99

    djm99 <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sponsors/s

    May 28, 2003
    Okay - start your bashing engines. I wouldn't call it the worst but the most boring theme park I've ever been to was EPCOT. I just don't like it!!! I've been several times. Now, I go to the front do a couple of the "new" rides - then I'm fighting to get out of there. Whenever I visit with friends, I always go all "around the world" area - but nothing really interest me. I can't be the only one either because I’ve NEVER been to EPCOT or the World Pavilion Area - and it was even close to being crowded. The front might hold a crowd but the back – its almost always empty (I’m a late July/early August traveler too). I just don't like it - and I have only gone when I had hoppers and others wanted to see it for themselves. Every visitor that’s ever gone with me dislikes it too. Give me Sea World, US/IOA, Busch Gardens, heck even Wet N Wild over EPCOT. So, I said it - the worst park I've been to (or most boring) was EPCOT - sorry Walt - and I'm a huge Disney Fan (I’m just not feeling EPCOT)!!! I got a feeling that’s why so many new rides are being placed in EPCOT – to bring the crowd there.
  19. DutchsMommy

    DutchsMommy <font color=blue>I did the Pirate Name thing<br><f

    Dec 12, 2003
    Funny thing - a friend of mine said basically the same thing to me about MK. She also said 'we didn't know it was March Break in FL' and 'we thought we'd show up around 3pm and there was some type of parade on and we couldn't get through anywhere!'.

    So.......if you don't do your homework ( :disrocks: ) WDW can compare to 'the Worst'. But......thanks to everything learned here, WDW is the BEST to me. :thumbsup2
  20. DOOM1001

    DOOM1001 DIS Veteran

    May 23, 2003
    Dude I couldn't disagree anymore with you about some of your points.First of all both Busch Garden parks are some of the best landscaped parks ANYWHERE.Second, I've been to a lot of parks and their food overall is way better than just about all of them.As far as people who work there being jerks, you may have had a personal experience that we don't know about, but overall their employees are solid, they're not Disney quality but solid.I've gone on some very slow days and would agree that some of them just look like they don't want to be there, but I've noticed a change especially since Sheikra opened, with the park being busier there seems to be a lot of management around and most employees seem to have more energy and are friendlier!!!!

    :Pinkbounc :banana: :Pinkbounc :banana: :Pinkbounc :banana: :Pinkbounc :banana: :Pinkbounc :banana:
  21. disneynewbee

    disneynewbee DIS Veteran

    Aug 11, 2004
    Another vote for Six flags being the worst. The one near us is the one outside DC. The employees and park visitors were just horrible, no kindness to strangers at all. My dd got dippin dots that had several hairs in it. We took it back and the lady starts arguing that we didn't get it from her stand which we had just done less than 5 minutes ago. In the water park area there was a lady guest who was at the bottom of the kids water slide with her legs spread open wide eagle to catch her child but after her child got done she would not get up she just kept sitting there. My dd was in line next but I would not let her go because I didn't want her sliding into this insane ladies crotch. Well a slightly older kid maybe 8 come up and passed us, went down the slide and kicked the lady right where it hurts. LOL That is what she gets for sitting there like her child is the only one that matters and what the kid gets for butting in line. Several times adults knocked my dd over to get there child where they wanted to be. Never again. Then when we were leaving there were helicopters circling the parking lot. We found out later that someone got SHOT on the parking lot and they were looking for the person who did it. I KID YOU NOT!!! This was last year. We went free for my dh's work picnic. I would never go again even if it was free. Did I mention I stood in line for fries for 45 minutes and that when I got to the front the whole counter was covered in open ketchup packets where people had stood there and put there ketchup on and just left there trash right there on the counter and noone cleaned it up. OK this has gotten too long but Six Flags is definately the worst EVER in my opinion. His work decided to do Hershey Park this year thank goodness. :)

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