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    Jun 27, 2010
    I'm in need of an "idiot's guide" to World of Color. I've listened to the Podcasts and done some research online, so I know that lines for the FPs can be long, and that where you end up standing can impact how well you can actually see the show, and that there are a few different dining package options that will allow you to get seating without waiting in line for FPs.

    Here's info on our group:

    We'll be 2-4 adults, on a budget. We'd going to DL for a weekend in late January. We will probably want to do one nicer meal, so doing one of the sit-down meal packages may be better.

    Here are the questions:

    1) What are our best options for getting a good viewing spot for WOC? Fastpass or meal package?

    2) If we do a meal package, how is the picnic lunch option? Is the sit-down dining option worthwhile if that then becomes our only "nicer" meal (based on what we can afford for the trip)?

    3) Should we try to go for a Saturday or Sunday show? Also, should we go for the 8pm show or the 9:15pm show?

    We're not averse to standing in line for FPs, but since we only have two days, we're trying to find the best option to make the most of our time.

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    Did you read the World of Color superthread? Long story short, get a Fastpass (you can easily do this for free--it just takes a few minutes) and then line up early--before the arrival time listed on the Fastpass--and if you get there early enough, you should be able to get a good viewing spot.

    I wouldn't do a meal package, personally, especially if you're really on a budget. They don't give you seating; just reserved standing (so the same as a regular Fastpass, only in a better section). The reviews for the dining packages are generally positive, but you still have to get there very far in advance of showtime (the Superthread says the exact times, but probably more than an hour). Time-wise, you could save maybe 30 minutes or an hour, tops?

    If you want the meal and take the Fastpass as a bonus, the dining package may be a good idea, but I wouldn't suggest you get the meal primarily for the Fastpass.

    If you're on a budget certainly avoid the Picnic option, as you're paying for a small meal and a Fastpass identical to the ones you can get for free.

    The later show may be a bit less crowded (especially on Sunday night, when people are going home to get ready for work and such) and will probably involve less wait. But the drawback is that you will hear (and possibly see) parts of the show in advance. A drawback to doing it Sunday is that occasionally the show is canceled (it is unusual, but it does happen...personally, I've been present for 5 performances and of those, 1 was canceled at the climax). And if that's your last opportunity to see it, you'll miss the show. Again, I really don't think there's a 1/5 chance the show will be canceled, but it COULD happen, so if the show is a top priority you may want to see it Saturday.
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    The early bird gets it.

    The long (30 minute) fastpass lines are gone. It now takes no more than 5 minutes.
    Best bet: Send one person to get fastpasses at 9:15 - 9:40 in California Adventure. Easy - FREE - Done until show time.
    Eat when ever and where ever you want.... (Napa Rose Steakhouse 55 ?)

    1. Get there early (10 - 20 minutes before the lineup time on the Fastpass)
    2. Head for a spot at a rail towards the center of the show line on an middle or upper tier.
    3. Sadly.... It will be necessary to agressively defend your spot. Talk to your neighbors, and cooperate.
    If you are tall, near the beginning of the show have any shorter persons in your group or behind you move to the rail so all can enjoy the show.

    RELAX: Enjoy a great show......

    NOTE: World of Color may be scheduled for a short refurb in late January.

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