WoooooooooHoooooooo! 10 nights at WL!!

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    Okay, here's the deal: we're going in January for our longest trip ever~12 days, 11 nights. We were originally staying at PC for the whole time. Then we were staying PC 9 nights, WL 2 nights. We were planning to buy APs for all of us, because we'll be back several times next year. And, we want DDE.

    In July, stayed overnight at VWL. It was so quiet...so wonderful... Decided on the way home that we don't want to listen to the toilets flush for 9 nights at PC (yes, we are veterans of the Value Resorts!!). Let's try a moderate. Except that there are no moderates where we REALLY want to stay. And, we understand that you can still hear the toilets flush at the mods!

    So after rearranging the rest of our budget, we have splurged, and we'll be at WL for 10 nights. The best rate plan has a maximum of 10 nights... so we're staying night #1 at ASMo, which was DS' vote, anyway. DH purchased his AP on Friday, and got the best rate plan booked on Friday, at $135/night at WL. I am going with a friend in two weeks, on the package, but we are not going into the parks. She's saving her ticket for the trip our families are making together in February, and I'm upgrading my ticket to an AP in January. We'll also purchase DS' AP in January.

    Our longest trip ever, and we're at WL! We're so excited! :banana:

    BTW-Some have told us they've heard the toilets flush at Deluxe resorts... we've stayed at CR, BWI and VWL previously, and never once heard a toilet (except our own). So here's hoping!!
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    And by the way, I don't remember ever hearing another toilet flush, ever!

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