WL- what kind of room should we request?

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    We're staying t WL for the first time this May. We're staying in a standard room with two young children. Noise level and privacy are always a priority when we travel and after reading some reports of not-so-impressive views at WL I need some help with room requests. I don't I also don't want to be too far from main lobby or boat. I know I have a lot of demands ;). TIA!
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    Some of those preferences are mutually exclusive - you'll need to decide which is more important.

    For example, the closer to the lobby you get the further from the boat you'll be. Conversely the closer to the boat you get the further from the bus stop you'll be. And near the lobby is often noisier than further away because of the amount of foot traffic outside your door.

    Once you decide which is most important then list those factors on your reservation. For example, "Top floor near boat dock" tells the room assigner what your priorities are and they can then find a room that best meets them.
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    We booked Standard view at WL for our last two visits and our upcoming one. We were lucky enough to get upgraded to better views both times, once to a Courtyard view on the North Wing and secondly to a Woods View above the registration desk open to the lobby. We actually preferred the room that opened to the lobby because we enjoyed the view walking to the room and enjoyed the open view compared to having a regular hallway. Some prefer rooms that don't open to the lobby so that they are quieter.

    As far as Standard View rooms go, there are actually not that many locations at WL. Most of the rooms are categorized as Woods View or better, but you can't guarantee you'll get one of those unless you pay the extra. There is a map on the WL thread here. This means that upgraded views are likely, based on crowds at the time and their ability to meet your requests. If you absolutely have to have a certain view it might be worth paying the extra, but for us saving the money and being flexible works well.

    We like the North Wing, since the elevator in the middle of it takes you right down to Roaring Fork. Also on higher floor on the north side of it you might catch a glimpse of MK fireworks. There is a section of Standard View rooms on the North wing that overlook a loading dock area which isn't beautiful, but getting a higher floor improves your view.

    Overall, the resort is far more compact than most at WDW, so no matter what you won't have too far to go. Busses and boats are at opposite ends of the resort, and no matter what your room will be somewhere in between. Enjoy your trip at a beautiful resort.
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    I would do a woods view - nice views & quiet.
    Do not do a pool view.
    We had a pool view and the pool was used 24/7....always noisy, no privacy - we were on the 5th floor. Nice view of the people in the pool :rotfl:

    Eat at Whispering Canyon Cafe and ask for 'wooden nickles' for your kids.
    Yes, no goofing - they do hand out wooden nickels with a buffalo printed on it.
    Nice fun souvenir at no cost to you.

    Wait for the geyser to erupt and take the boat to MK one early morning.

    Ride a bike on the path to the Wilderness camp ground.

    Have fun.

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