Will this work- is it advisable?

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    I will be going on two trips w/in a 12 month period, one w/ my DM and DD, one w/ my DS. I'm planning on getting an AP (although I'm ok w/ upgrading from a package including tix if that's how we get the best deal). and probably TiW. Anyway, my question is about a way of using the DDP in a slightly unusual way, and I'm not sure if it will work

    None of us are huge eaters, but we like our meals, and enjoy apps, a drink w/ dinner, etc. However, that then gives us way too much food at one sitting, so we were thinking of using 2 credits at a time for TS, then purchasing an appy or two and the extra drinks w/ TiW discount (obviously, this wouldn't work at buffets, etc. but at "traditional" menu based meals) We would tip based on if we had all eaten DDP mealsat least. If this is allowed, I'm thinking it would give us enough credits to do the 2TS meals like the CP package (which I know we would all have to use credits for at once). BTW, if "free dining" isn't offered, I think we would probably just do TiW since I think it might work out better for us; but I'm trying to find a way to "use" any discount that might be offered. Of course, if it would still work out better to purchase the DDP and use TiW then we could do that too. I'm pretty sure we will more than cover the break even point on this trip, leaving additional TiW benefit for the next trip. Im sorry if this is rambling or confusing, I'm having a hard time explaining what is in my head...
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    If you're buying the TiW card anyway, no way would I purchase the DDP. If you get free dining and that's a better deal then a room discount then absolutely use the DDP (free dining was our best deal in August even with being AP holders and having to buy the additional 2 day tickets), but I wouldn't buy it if I didn't get free dining.

    Yes you can combine DDP credits and TiW in a single meal. I would tell your server up front when ordering what you're doing since it may take a bit of extra time to get the separate bills straight (stuff on DDP credits will have to be a separate bill than the non DDP stuff) plus there's the extra time to get the manager's approval for the TiW discount (I have no idea why this is necessary but it is unfortunately). Your plan for stretching the credits makes perfect sense to me and it even gives you the flexibility to really order what you want despite the confines of the DDP since you'll be mixing and matching between the two. Just make sure that you do actually plan for using up all the DDP credits and where you'll use each one.

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