Will I Have to Pay Rack Rate at MCO Hyatt in Jan??

Bill From PA

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Nov 8, 1999
This March I got a room (2 actually) at the MCO Hyatt on Priceline for $37 each. I don't expect to get that all the time, but for our Jan. 2005 trip I'd like to stay there on our last night (1/9) for a 6:45am flight next morning. It seems that the Hyatt is no longer participating in the bidding at any dollar level and $50 or so for the Marriott seems to be the winning bid these days. I know that's still cheap, it's the shuttle to the airport thing that I'm trying to avoid. Finally, to the point. Are there any codes, discounts or web sites for less than rack rate for the MCO Hyatt? I've paid $169 before there and I guess I'll do it again, but think of all the beer that would buy!

Bill From PA
Have you checked thier webrates. I have seen it in the $129 range.
I've stayed at the Marriot thru PL. It's only a mile north of MCO. Maybe 3 minute drive. We drive and didn't use shuttle. Something to consider, if you don't want to pay higher rates at airport.


Thanks for the input. I tried the Hyatt site today and my date cost $171. I am a triple A member and that site was about the same. I noticed some dates in Dec. on the same day of the week (Sun.) going for $149. I've heard good things about the Marriot and their shuttle, my rental car turns into a pumpkin the night before at the MCO Alamo desk.I'm hoping that Jan. 9 will be a slow day for the Hyatt and maybe it'll come down to $129 - $149.

Bill From PA


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