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    Nov 5, 2003
    We got our docs last week (East Coast VA)

    Hi, I've communicated w/a few of you by e-mail, but thought I should join the group. I'm taking my DD and her three sons, ages 4, 2 and 4 months on the 13th cruise, since her husband and their dad is a pilot in the Marines serving our country on the Enterprise in the Persian Gulf (pray for him, his safety and his sadness as he has to be away from his family during the holidays). This is our 4th Disney cruise, but first Eastern and we are really looking forward to being in a warm climate and seeing the ship all decked out for Christmas.

    Someone had put the website for Bluebeard's Castle on the board, do you know how close to the ship it is. In the RCI book it looks like it is right where the ships dock. My 4 year old grandson loves Capt Hook, so he would enjoy finding some pirates also.

    We do not plan to do many excursions, as we have been disappointed w/most of the ones we have done in the past and wished we'd just "stayed on the ship". We will get off and walk around but it is a little scary putting little kids in cabs, buses, etc w/o those carseats. There is just so much do do on the ship, you could stay on there for a month and not do it all, so I'm sure we won't miss going ashore.

    Hope to meet up with the other military family and also, Nat's mom from Hilton Head, SC as that is where my daughter lives.

    Does anyone need a place to stay in Orlando the week before. I had picked up a week (RCI) at Sheraton Vistana (2 bedroom for 8) from Dec 7-14 for my daughter (her kids) and a friend of hers to go down a week early, but these plans may be falling through--shoud know by the end of the week. I could make someone a great deal so it would not sit empty.

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