Why does drinking always lead us back to Disney? Sept 2017 6/13 update!

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by Chicago Mo, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. JKeenz

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    Mar 20, 2013
    Awww what a great post :lovestruc
    The gifs, the pics, the vintage commercials... all awesome. Kind of warmed my heart. :hug: Excited to see what else you have in store!!! :cool1:
  2. MissMaryQC

    MissMaryQC DIS Veteran

    Sep 6, 2013
    Geez MO! I'm not crying, you're crying!

    Your wonderful family has grown up! But they've grown up nicely, and seem like great kiddos.

    We'll be here when the colds pass, and you're ready to tell us all your plans, which better include some kind of meet up!
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  4. Pluto0809

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    Jan 25, 2012
    That picture just makes me want to cry. All that wasted wine. :rotfl:

    I did one for 6 and that was stressful enough. I could not imagine 14. I have a feeling the whole trip will be like herding cats. Maybe you should invest in some people leashes? :rotfl2:

    You need to tell them I said to quit growing! Loved the trip down memory lane. :love:

    :crazy2: Um, just no. Jalapeno's and I just do not get along.
  5. Clio

    Clio DIS Veteran

    Feb 10, 2005
    Wow taking the wrong meds for 3 months will mess you up. I'm glad the doctor figured out what was going on. That rash on your leg looks painful.
    Great post of the kids through the years. I hat that keds grow up so fast.
    My life hasn't been very interesting. I spend a month on days covering for someone who was getting things ready for inventory.
    I walked a couple of 5k races. Let's just say that I'll never win the race but I did both of them in under an hour. They were fun I was going to do a Harry Potter 5k with my daughter but it filled up too fast so I'm a volunteer instead. As my daughter said, I'm good at yelling at people.
    Sunday I'm working at the lemonade stand at our church festival. There's an airshow at the airport near by so it should be interesting.
  6. Chicago Mo

    Chicago Mo DIS Veteran

    Aug 22, 2010
    yes.. Ever dang picture i have of her that trip is a head tilt!

    Go.. Just go make them.
    click this:

    Thank you!!! :hug::hug:
    it's going to be a ride of a life time for sure.

    HA HA! how about it.. like i said i never gave them permission to grow this fast.
    Thank you yes thy are really great kids. as i see other children who back talk to their parents- just out right disrespect the adults!!!
    My kids just look at me. Like: did you just see that? Parent your children people stop being their FRIEND!
    Sorry i have issues with bad behavior and the parents who ALLOW IT - kids are kids and will be snotty little miscreants it's how we as parents deal with the situation. Ok off my soap box..

    Plans.. Coming right up so we CAN have that meet up!

    I can guarantee there wasn't a drop left in any of bottles!
    I guess i should have said- there were no grapes or wine bottles hurt during any meetings.

    Herding cats.. <-- that is funny.
    if they want to roam, i say let them.. No problem there.. LOL.. As long as i don't find them passed out in a bush somewhere i will be fine with it.

    they aren't listening... help!

    Oh NO i am so sorry!! these are NOT spicy unless you leave the seeds in there.. I did that with half. the other half was kid friendly
  7. Chicago Mo

    Chicago Mo DIS Veteran

    Aug 22, 2010

    Am i the only one who goes to Disney for a day?

    Good friends of mine were in FL. His sister lives pretty much in the backyard to Magic Kingdom. seriously..
    One day she complained about MK fireworks- Granted they were doing the testing for the new show at 3am.. BUT IT'S MK FIREWORKS. Which i of course had to call her out- 1. they are MK FIREWORKS and 2- that like moving next door to the airport and complaining about airplanes.
    just sayin

    Tuesday June 27th Kristie is texting me. we are going back and forth until i get the following text:
    Check your email.
    And there shining like a beacon is my flight information.
    They flew my into florida for the day! My flight was 520am and i landed at 130am.
    it was the stupidest thing i ever did
    I regret NOTHING. <-- or reguert.
    Packing was the easiest i ever had to do. i had my backpack filled with an extra set of clothes and flip flops some paperwork just in case
    i had my Beaker bag from D~ filled with my pack necessary stuff. My bag fit into my backpack without an issue. I HAD NO LUGGAGE.
    it was weird.
    I was tired from the no sleep and lack of caffeine
    As i was waiting for anyone who works in Midway to come out, a crazy family walked up to me
    Clearly i look like i i work here.
    I SWEAR to you they were carnies. It was the Fat lady.. The bearded lady, a couple others and the smallest toddler i have ever seen.
    They were asking me questions on how those kiosks work.
    Thankfully they ended up going into the line and waiting. and i made a break for it to the security line.
    Again easiest line ever. lickety split i was in and in line for some much needed coffee.
    Sitting enjoying my brew someone had asked about my sweatshirt asking if i was from Hegewisch. Since he said the word correctly i knew he was from the area. after chatting for a little found out he knew my dad. not my step dad my Dad.
    Small world!
    Before i knew it my chariot awaits!
    [​IMG]20170628_033540[/url] by Michelle Bonadurer, on Flickr[/IMG] [​IMG]20170628_033540

    The flight attendant was a jerk.

    As we were all getting settled (i was in the aisle seat) had my head phones on and trying very hard to just sleep for a little
    when the flight attendant taps me on the shoulder asking me to move so a mother and daughter can sit together
    and said it with such venom!
    WTH! I totally will move! you don't have to be snotty if that were me and peanut i would want to sit with her! NOT a problem! i will move and i did sat with another mother and daughter who were on their merry way to Disney.. they were so cute!
    But i apparently did something to the flight attendant from hell. Anytime she would come near me.. She would bump me SO HARD! like push me over!! I was not in the aisle i was not leaning in. She just was being a...

    I present Itch-Bay:

    Needless to say i didn't get much sleep.

    Other then this the flight wasn't bad.
    landed pretty early grabbed my backpack and was headed out!




    Oh how i wanted to stop! but i can't Roger was picking me up!
    I called everyone let them all know i was alive and well. Roger was a little late being stuck in Construction but in no time he found me and I was greeted by a big ol bear hug- yet more importantly this:


    My friends know me SO WELL.

    The short ride back to his sisters house was amazing. it's SO BEAUTIFUL there! So clean the palm trees the HUMIDITY! Blach... the streets are smooth
    just beautiful.

    I guess they kept it a secret from the little kids i was coming because when we parked Kristie called out the littles and I was TRAMPLED with hugs and squeals!
    I just adore their kids. I joke with them i am only friends with them for their kids. Both Kristie and Roger were both previously married - so they bring to this marriage
    7 kids

    Yeah you read that right.

    But on this trip there were 4 kids. Lexie (12)- Nico (10) - Vivi (6ish) - and the main man.. Ivan. Ivan is 4 and he is the biggest Mickey fan out there his age.. so this was going to be a huge treat - for me! I get to be here to witness their first time!!

    we all jumped into Roger's can and off we went to breakfast at McDonalds. :crazy2:
    No thanks.. I have my coffee i am good.
    Parking lot wasn't that bad! I was shocked.. But we still took the tram.
    through security
    Which is just STRANGE now
    Up the monorail! What other was is there for a couple of first timers?
    The kids LOVED going through Contemporary Ivan was screaming at chef Mickeys! Then seeing the castle? OMG It was a HOOT!
    I do NOT have many pictures - since i told MY kids we were going to Epcot. How can i tell them i was going to MK without them?
    Nope. They were ok with this trip- because it was for Ivan. they said if it was anything else they would be extremely angry. So i dodged that bullet.
    Walking into MK wasn't as magical without my kids. totally different experience! On the other hand i was there only for my friends and Vivi, Ivan's first time!
    When we all saw the castle I teared up.. A LOT watching all of them.
    I am so GRATEFUL for them allowing me into these memories! :lovestruc First up was the tea cups which i opted out and held the bags in the shade.
    I sent Tom this pic saying where am i:
    [​IMG]35677 \
    He knew exactly where i was! I do have a Disney crazied Husband!!!

    You get the rest later I have to leave today! I forgot my wallet at home today!!
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  8. Pluto0809

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    Jan 25, 2012
    I was so jealous that you got to go for a day!

    What was up with that flight attendant? Southwest is usually so much better than that.

    Can't wait to read about the rest of your day.
  9. Woth2982

    Woth2982 DIS Veteran

    Oct 11, 2008
    I am so behind, but that is ok. Congrats on quitting smoking! I know from my friends how hard that can be! Good for you for keeping it up. That sounds like a law suit waiting to happen with your pharmacy! I would have been so mad! I have no idea how so much drinking happens and we come out more confused that not? I don't blame the booze at all. I cannot believe how we have watched your kids grow! I remember reading the head tilt report! I think that was the first one of yours I followed! This sub 24 hour trip sounds great! And like something I would totally do! I think DBF is planning to put a ring on it next week, and if I can't get an engagement session booked at Epcot for our trip, I will just have to go back and do a similar trip...DARN!
  10. missjackiemcg

    missjackiemcg DIS Veteran

    Sep 2, 2013
    WOOHOO for an impromptu Disney Day!!!!!! I LOVE seeing people's reactions to the castle the first time--even strangers as we're leaving the park and they're walking down Main Street. So magical!! I'm making myself choked up now! Excited to see how the rest of the day went :)
  11. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph DIS Veteran

    Sep 19, 2012
    That means that you have picked out your fp's. I can't wait to hear what you have planned. :)

    Everyone here knows that you can handle something like that. You are a pro!

    Oh my gosh - this happened overnight. The kids look great! :)

    I love your day trip to Disney. That must have been a lot of fun and very surreal at the same time. I can't believe the kiosks at SWA were that empty. We take the first flight out all the time and never see it like that, although we never fly on a Tuesday morning.
  12. Ohhlookitsnic

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    Mar 17, 2017
    Im so late to replying, but YES GIRL YES ! That is the way to go ! I get to fixated on the scale, So I had to stop weighing myself, A friend from a fitness studio I work out at recommend that I do measurements instead and WOW what a difference ! I also go by clothing sizes, I used to be a 2-3 X, now I'm at an XL-1X, I started in 2014,Had some set backs with injures and life but I'm never going back to old the old ways !
  13. Ohhlookitsnic

    Ohhlookitsnic Earning My Ears

    Mar 17, 2017
    Its been great here <3 ! I loved re reading all your old posts and seeing how much you have all changed !
  14. Iamthequeen

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    Aug 7, 2011
    I was so jealous over your one day trip - though it probably would have knocked me on my backside for a week.

    Technically I am 5' 1/4", so I still might be able to lord it over Peanut.....

    Yes, they are now Minions!!!!!
  15. MissMaryQC

    MissMaryQC DIS Veteran

    Sep 6, 2013
    NOpe! We did one day in March, but we lived in Florida then so, you might be the only person who flies down for a day!

    Yay!! What a great treat!


    Wow, small world is right! That's wild!

    Why? Why do people have to be like this? Don't get me wrong, we all have bad days, but you work in service, it's part of your job to be pleasant! I speak from years of experience!

    Exactly! I bet if she'd just asked you kindly, you wouldn't have even mentioned it here.

    I'm dying a the dude behind you. Looks like he didn't sleep much either. :rotfl:


    Really? I've read good things coming from the resorts, what's it like now?

    You've done well.:thumbsup2
  16. Iamthequeen

    Iamthequeen DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2011
    Try "The Day of Steve"
  17. Blissikins

    Blissikins Mouseketeer

    Jan 4, 2012
    Wow! I take a week or so off to up sticks and move, and look at you with all the updates! :rotfl:

    Those photos of the kidlets are too cute! They are growing WAY too fast though!

    I can (worryingly) totally believe they got your meds wrong. My grandparents' local pharmacy/doctor managed to get her meds wrong, for six months. Nearly killed her, and she's never been the same since. She was on a dose for a 6'+ heavy-set guy and she's 4'-something and in her eighties. I'm glad your doctor fixed it, hope you are feeling back to normal soon.

    I'm so glad you got to have a Disney day! I'd love to be able to do something like that, just pop to MK (ahem, sorry, Epercot) for the day. Such Disney cravings lately! Though if someone were to say "off you go!" and give me tickets I think I'd still be a little apprehensive with Mum being so sick since Oct. I want to give it a little time and make sure her surgery was successful, and then think about booking. My husband keeps presenting me with screenshots of pricing-ups for this hotel and that hotel though, so at least he won't take much convincing when the time comes! Sounds crazy being desperate to go, and then not really, at the same time, but the thought of being a 9hr+ flight away if something goes wrong, instead of a 20min drive to meet them at the ER...Nope. My anxiety won't let me right now!

    That flight attendant sounds like she needs an extra sprinkle of pixie dust! What an attitude!! John got so cross on our first trip, they kept waking him up for every little thing, even after he asked to be left to sleep and left his seatbelt visibly fastened. Even if they didn't purposefully wake him up it always seemed to be his seat that got clipped by the trolleys or that they stopped in front of for ages. Poor guy! Work spoiled him last year and flew him business class...apparently now we need to factor upgraded flights into our budget! Hmmmm... :scratchin I'm not convinced that is the best use of our Disney Money!
  18. Chicago Mo

    Chicago Mo DIS Veteran

    Aug 22, 2010
    I did get to go.. It was fun. But something i felt like i was cheating on my family..

    I agree with you so so much. But it got so so much worse!

    I plan on finishing it today. how much can one person write about ONE DAY??? LOL

    HA! I am sure your caught up. I am the one who is so far behind!


    this sums up our planning days.

    HA! the 2011 trip! that was the first real report i ever did.. I re-read it sometimes..
    OMG! CONGRATS on getting engaged!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

    Isn't it the best! I wish i could re-create our first trip.. nothing beats a first trip!! especially with the kiddos.
    I plan on getting it all done today.

    We have everything that needs to be planned- Planned.
    But like all things plans are made to be changed.. Especially with us.

    HA! Too much confidence in me! THANKS!
    Bryan and i are the master minds behind this controlled chaos

    Tell me about it! Look how HUGE THEY ARE!! I can't get over it.

    Thanks! Have to tell you it was like i was cheating on my family. SO i held back SO MUCH because they weren't there. that is our place. It's where all the cares of the real world melt away we become just us no worries no cares just be with family

    You only fly weekends?

    Nope. can't go backwards.. must always go forward! I beat my scale with a baseball bat....

    Im so happy your enjoying it! stick around it might get a little crazier! LOL never know what might happen!

    It was TOUGH! I won't be eager to do it again. I was exhausted.
    i do believe your taller then the peanut.. But we can measure in Sept so see who is taller! LOL!

    My banana lovin minions!!! LOL

    HA! I am sure i am not the only person who did that.. But yes if we lived there i would be going for day trips A LOT!
    How do you like living in the midwest?

    I still can't believe they did that... Goof balls.

    I know! I was blown on my seat! Unfortunatly i forgot his name and i wasn't able to ask my mom...

    I have no idea why people act the way they do. sadly it happens again.. STAY TUNED!


    I don't think so.. we should have sat together. Maybe it would have been a little better.

    I adore them

    It's just weird. and PACKED. Don't know if it was because we were there in HIGH crowds levels. but people were everywhere not really knowing where to go. the process to get in is a breeze nothing has changed in that department I think like anything new it just gets some getting used to. My one question is - how does this work when you going from the Poly or any of the resorts on the monorail where is the security check point?

    I try


    Hi there! yes they are growing at the speed of light.

    HOLY MOLEY i hope they are OK?!?!

    Well the flight for me is a little shorter then for you.. LOL
    I hope your Mommy is ok!
    OMG! your husband is a terribly wonderful instigator! Love it! HA HA!
    I do hope for a speedy recovery and sending warm thoughts and prayers.

    She was a snot for sure. No i don't think so either.. yet the seats are so small it's hard for the guys to get comfy without being bashed by something in the aisle!

    Happy Friday to you all!

    Where is this year going? seriously!!! it's the last day of JULY! August is here! HOLY COW!
    Which means Monday starts FOOTBALL!!!


    I am SO EXCITED!
    then before i know it ---


    we will be on our way!

    wow it's coming up quick, I better get a move on a LOT of things. but first let me finish up my one day at MK.
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  19. Chicago Mo

    Chicago Mo DIS Veteran

    Aug 22, 2010
    One day at Disney. continue.

    I left off at their first ride. The god awful tea cups. after about an hour and a half of waiting they were ready to move on.

    So we did.
    Lexi REALLY wanted to eat at BOG i laughed! there is NO way your getting in there. They asked ME to work MY magic. I told them. there is no special magic. just go and ask. and they did, next thing i knew we had a ressie for 4pm!
    HECK YEAH PIXI DUST! I don't think they understood the magnitude of what just happened... SHOCKED!
    With the thoughts of having BOG dancing in my head i had to get them around the park ride a few things possibly meet a few and get back to eat!
    and i did-
    We were able to meet Alice! Click her:

    Ivan said the princesses are scary..
    ugh.. OK.. he wanted nothing to do with them AT ALL.

    YAY one more for my reveal video.. (crap i better get a move on with this too)

    they wanted Dumbo and off we went. they rode i didn't again.. But i stopped in the circus tent for some drinks. then we went over to:
    the barnstormer.
    By this time the kids were BOMBARDING me with texts. they wanted to know my every move and since they didn't know i went to MK and thought i was in EPCOT i had to think fast.. SO i told them this was what i was staring at:


    THANK GOD they didn't pick up on the tracks:
    because i was watching this:


    as they were on this: click for video

    I know we went on the ariel ride. didn't wait terribly long but i sang out my heart to my now disney loving friends. Yes they saw the Disney come out of me! LOL
    by this time we were able to grab a FP for Haunted mansion so off we went.
    Kristie grandma and Ivan went to watch FoF parade. met back up and went to EAT!
    HM is always a favorite I sat with Nico I know he was scared but like everything i made it fun with singing and dancing in the doom buggy! Just like the ariel ride! LOL.. can't stop myself.
    I didn't take any pictures here. Again afraid of kids grabbing my phone or whatever and seeing we ate at BOG! the kids LOVED every minute of it. I had the chicken and it was out of this world! drank as much water as i could get into my body!
    I was getting worried since the beast didn't come out?? So i asked and Yes he would be coming along shortly!
    I took Lexi around and showed her the rose and all the fun stuff.
    we were sitting right on the aisle.. the music started everyone looked at me like WHAT IS GOING ON?
    well i made sure all the kids were sitting at the aisle to see the BEAST WALK IN!
    and there he was! the girls were so awe struck! Ivan just looked as if he was a but unsure..
    we paid the bill then searched for the picture spot. the CM here weren't the best when asking if he would be greeting.. Grr.
    we waited about 10 minutes they all got their picture taken and Ivan LOVED THE BEAST!
    So clearly he doesn't like face characters.

    Once we were full we headed in the direction of Splash. Kristie needed a DSA off we went!
    the wait time was bout 80+ minutes i couldn't do that since i had to grab a flight home
    They called Roger's sister to make sure she could pick me up and she was more then willing.
    While Roger-Lexi- nico and Vivi went on Splash we took Ivan around to do some pin trading and find other free fun stuff!
    he hit the mother load in the Splash gift shop with stickers and pins. It was a hoot the CM's there just gushed over him.

    we kept in walking and then they decided to do carpets of Aladdin and i was going to to the front shop in the emporium then wait out for Lori to pick me up.
    Said our goodbyes and off i went by myself.. I LOVED every step!!

    seriously it was so awesome to just walk around see everything walk down main street and just be.
    then the heavens opened up and BLOOSH the rain came in with a vengeance. thankfully i was 3 steps away from the emporium! i walked around there forever i wanted everything but i couldn't get too much since i only had my purse and backpack.. Oh wait!
    My backpack with my travel stuff was IN ROGER'S CAR! No way of getting it now! so i text them saying just bring it home with them. LOL!
    crap. now i NEED something to bring everything home in. THANKFULLY they have that purchase with purchase of a backpack
    PHEW i need that.
    i also got a few munchie things for the kids and figured we will be back in a couple of months i would bring them all something small. SO Zack got a new food magnet to go with his collection.

    Matt got a stitch magnet

    and of course meg got the cheerleading shellie may she is so spoiled.

    I grabbed a sweatshirt for the plane.


    I LOVE THIS THING! it's not think but it's perfect and smells just like DISNEY!!!
    Tom got NOTHING.. LOL i did get him some munchies too.. I was going to give him the sweatshirt.. But i fell in love with it.
    I asked the guy to throw everything in the backpack. in which he told me it wouldn't fit.
    After i paid - i put everything in the backpack and still had TONS of room for more stuff.
    Being a seasoned disney goer i had my poncho with me. threw it on and off i went in search of where they can drive into pick me up.
    On the monorail back to the Ticket and Transportation center there she was!
    Jumped in the backseat and off we went. our other friend was there too she and her daughter didn't join us. SAD FACE. but then i saw this was happening:


    NOT AGAIN!!!
    Not so happy.

    No issues at all getting back to the airport. but of course there is the:


    I had more then enough time so of course i stopped in
    I needed a new:
    since my other one was in my backpack in Roger's car

    more munchies, I need to fill up this backpack right???

    Kids still texting me so i sent them this:


    Told them i was bringing home a friend.
    if you didn't guess it's:
    I fell instantly IN LOVE with him! I am a big Eeyore fan since i was a wee one. isn't he the cutest? so soft and lovable!
    and MINE!!!!!
    i might have gotten something else i just can't think. But it was time to hit the fake-o-rail

    Found my gate easy enough it was time to get something to eat i wasn't starving but i needed something to hold me over until the next day! LOL
    I had a turkey sandwich which was a lot better then i thought it would be! grabbed some floor next to an outlet to charge my phone. called everyone to tell them i was safely at the gate and would see them real soon!
    I was starting to FEEL my legs getting more and more swollen then felt like something was dripping down my leg?!?


    the dripping was the blood inside my leg. and it wasn't getting better. I knew this flight was going to be a nightmare. I grabbed the BIGGEST water i could find to hydrate and hope and pray this would help. the plan was to get a window seat get snuggley with Eeyore and the new HM neck pillow curl up and SLEEP ALL THE WAY HOME.
    We started to board i was lucky to be like b5 YES!

    I was on sitting next to the window my comfy smelling like Disney sweatshirt on (I on the other hand did NOT smell like disney.. I was YUCKY and thought i would feel bad for whoever was unlucky enough to sit by me.
    i had my neck pillow and Eeyore curl up and got as comfortable as you can in a small airplane seat by the window.

    The strwardess was again walking and asking people to move for parent's and children. then i felt WHOOMP
    I do believe the whole plane moved when the beast flopped down.
    AGGGG what was that? took out my headphones and there was a large woman who did not speak english sitting on the aisle.
    Eh who cares.
    i close my eyes again
    Until MORE commotion
    she is yelling at EVERYONE around NO NO- My DAUGHTER
    She Sits SHE SITS here not you.

    What the hell? I look up and she is yelling at the stewardess she will not move that she is waiting on her daughter. The poor woman was like it's ok that's fine. Im thinking perfect a kid sitting next to me and her i have some room! YAY!
    She yells MORE--- NO NO my OTHER daughter she.. she sits. there - and points to an empty seat across and one behind US.
    whatever lady sit down shut up and lets get this show on the road..

    MORE commotion.
    The aforementioned daughter who is about 14/15 is arguing with the woman sitting by me in how she doesn't want to sit next to the stranger I AM NOT SITTING NEXT TO SOMEONE I DON'T KNOW.
    I am THINKING it's the other daughter who would have to sit by herself.
    Nope she was talking ABOUT ME..
    You have GOT to be kidding me. Yes i am totally stranger danger sitting here curled up in a Disney sweatshirt hugging an Eeyore pillow pet.
    Yep Screams danger.
    Large Marge decides to PLOP next to me now to allow brat daughter the aisle seat.


    let me REMIND you i am in no way shape or form a small person.. but i can guarantee TWO large people sitting next to each other is DISASTER.

    AND large marge is now spilling onto MY side of the seat- which means she is touching MY LEG!

    SOAB this is not going my way again.
    Oh and to make it better the pilot comes across to announce how IT WILL BE TURBULENCE pretty much ALL THE WAY HOME.
    Let's just say there were a LOT of cuss words flying around in my head.. I might have been making some up too. All the while i am getting a whiff of greasy food.

    This is awful but i make the best of it. What am i supposed to do?
    Somewhere over Atlanta Large Marge starts FLAILING her arms everywhere moaning very loud.
    Apparently she can't deal with the turbulence. Marge and the daughter are clicking the attendant button where thy are telling them to shut it off unless it's a dire emergency. we are in turbulence you are to stay in your seat.
    Now Marge tells the daughter to tell them that she is diabetic they have to come now. So the daughter turned the button back on then STAND up in the aisle.
    Have i mentioned failing Large Marge is wacking my leg the entire time? yeah i was ready to throw mama out the plane.
    with a vengeance
    well the flight attendant now don't have a choice but to come over. She is making a huge deal.. Because she is now diabetic.
    amazing. We now have 3 flight attendants doing whatever they can do. So they get her a sprite and cookies and whatever else.
    they go away.
    2 minutes later she has to go to the bathroom. Tells the daughter to get them,
    same routine. Turn off the light unless it's an emergency. same thing daughter gets up blah blah. She is telling them she has to throw up now..
    I look at them and ask WILL YOU PLEASE MOVE HER.
    The flight attendant looks at me like i am the most horrific person on the planet and flatly and sternly tells me her first priority is this passenger.
    you...... have.......... GOT........... TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!

    FINALLY they move Large marge to the bathroom..
    Yeah good luck with that!
    while im up i took a few photo's

    As marge was escorted wherever I noticed about 6 McDonald's wrappers fry containers..
    this is my life stop laughing.

    It's absolutely stunning
    i stared out the window for a while bouncing up and down with the turbulence.
    I must have fallen asleep with having a little more room without Large Marge.

    Apparently we were getting closer to Chicago because Large Marge was being sent to her seat.
    the daughter got up so she could sit NEXT TO ME AGAIN thank GOD the attendant told the brat kid NO she has to sit at the end in case something else happened they can get to her.
    I laughed.
    it was SO MUCH more tolerable with the spoiled brat next to me sitting as far away as she could.
    I loved it.


    we started to descend

    THANK all that is holy!!!
    and BAM we hit ground like the plane was going to crack in half the flight attendant said and that ladies and gentelman is how an amazing pilot lands a plane in high winds.
    I wanted to throw up.
    Well then another announcement. No one is allowed to move until the paramedics came aboard to check out Large Marge.

    Large Marge isn't understanding what is going on- so daughter tells her: you made all that drama and now the paramedics are coming to get you.
    She starts freaking out NO.. NO we can't do that! i am fine.
    ummm.. yeah...
    Tough. you made this mess now deal.

    after a long while we finally were able to get off that plane! Apparently one woman sitting across from us was a nurse.. She said over and over what a joke that was and told me how she felt sorry for me..
    As we were getting off i saw the attendant who gave me the attitude and showed her my leg stating- THIS.. THIS is why i wanted her to move she kept hitting me all the way but I was not the one causing you problems! she looked at me apologetically.
    I stared daggers at her.
    I'll show her!

    thank you.. I just want OFF THIS PLANE!

    getting off there were cops, firemen, paramedics, homeland security, name it they were there checking out Large Marge. I laughed. Kept on walking out and into my truck filled with my BABIES! we got home about 1am i showered and fell into bed.
    woke up the next day and came to work.

    it was a tough couple of days i don't remember much! LOL
    except my poor legs

    my ankles were the size of my thighs. Im ok now. the Doc and i both think this was a result of my thyroid too!!!

    So this was my One day in Disney! I would do it again IF my family was with me!!

    Thanks for reading! :worship::flower:::yes::
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  20. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph DIS Veteran

    Sep 19, 2012
    No, we usually fly out of Midway on Wednesdays or Saturdays. Those two days usually have low fares.

    I love your day at Disney. Did you ever tell the kids that you were really at MK? I hope the doctor can help you avoid the terrible leg problems before you go back in September.

    That woman was a nightmare. The one bad thing about SWA is that the Orlando flights are usually fully booked and there is no where to move when crazy people sit next to you.
  21. MissMaryQC

    MissMaryQC DIS Veteran

    Sep 6, 2013
    So far so good! The people I've been fortunate enough to meet are so kind. And I like how everyone has roots here, so they care about their stuff. The biggest issue I had in Florida, Miami in particular, is that no one cared about anything. I'm a renter, but I keep my lawn trip, I usually plant stuff, I like the house to be nice, ya know, cause I live in it! But most folks in Florida treat stuff they don't own like garbage. Now yeah, I've met folks here like that, but fewer and farther between, minus, my downstairs neighbors. They are the worst kind of people...

    From what I've read it's part of the resort transport now. Like the boat at WL has a spot, just for folks coming off the boat.

    WHAT???? That is some serious Disney gold right there!!


    I can not wait to see that reveal video!

    Narrowly escaped that one!


    I'm glad he had you to ride with. I hope DD will give Hm another shot, she says she will, but that means basically nothing.

    You're kidding! Well, no face characters for that little man! lol!

    How fun!

    I love doing that. It's generally so rare cause we're so go, go, go, but it's really magical.

    Great gifts fo the kiddos! We have a solid magnet collection starting; got one for every state we went through on the trip up here!

    LOL! I can't tell you how many times I've done this sort of thing.

    Wait, it's a store?!? I thought it was a display!! Oh man.:cloud9:

    I want one!

    Eeyore is my mom's favorite too:eeyore:

    OMG! I have felt that when my edema gets bad. Have you tried compression socks?

    Seriously? That's crappy, I'd have been in a caca mood from all that business.

    WHAT?!? So the passenger comes first? What the hell are you? chopped liver. Nope, nope, nope.

    Ugh!!! Another reason I hate flying; I always sit next to this person.:crowded:


    You must have been so happy to see your fam bam!

    Yeah? Cause of the meds? What's happening there, btw? All better?

    I'm so glad you had fun! I could see this being something fun with your teenagers.

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