Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Report- from the First Millionaire


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Aug 17, 1999
Originally posted by Mike Hund, MGM's first millionaire.

Hey all-
After spending a week in WDW, I have to admit that my new favorite attraction has got to ba Who Wants to be a Millionaire-Play It. The attraction blends together the excitement of the network television show as well as the chance to sit in the hot seat for yourself. During my stay, I hit the Millionaire attraction three seperate times, and let me tell you it was one heck of an experience.
When you first walk into the soundstage, the Cast members are there to direct youy to the seats in the house. The set is just like the one on television, except many more seats. The stage manager comes out and explains the elements of the show, then cuts to a small pre-show with Regis. After that, the host for the show comes out and begins with the first fastest finger. For the first show I was a bit nervous so I screwed up a very easy Disney question "Put these Epcot pavilions in order from the entrance of the park, moving back." A. Spaceship Earth B. American Adventure C.The Land D.Innoventions.

The winner was brought out on stage and she started going through the questions. Everyone in the audience plays along as well and whoever has the higher score when the contestant loses in the chair, gets to go up and play in the hot seat.

So the first show went throughg and I made it oin the leaderborad, but I was never at the top. The show ended after going through 3 contestants and each of them losing pretty early on, burt still getting some great prizes.

We went around MGM a little longer, then my 3 friends and I went back to Millionaire for another shot. This time I was determined to get in that seat. I took my spot in the audience and waited for the new fastest finger. The question was "Put the following clock numbers in order, starting at the bottom of the clock and going counter clockwise"
A. 10
B. 4
C. 8
D. 2

I punched in and knew I was right on that one. The leaderboard popped up and I went absolutely nuts when I saw that i was the fastest time. I ran down to the hot seat and started into the game right away. The questions were a little bit easier than the show, but they really varied in the type sof questions they were. I slopwly made my way through the questions and use up mosty of my lifelines in the 32,000 and 64,000 point questions. My ambition was to go away with a few prizes and a fun experience. Before I knew it though, I was going for 1 Million points. The question was, "Which company's corporate charachter has the proper name Bibendum"
A. Mr. Clean
B. Mr. Cool Aid
C. Michelen Man
D. Pillsbury Dough Boy

I automatically leaned toward answer c. So I took a shot at it and tookj a wild guess with Michelen Man. Originally submited by Mike hund:

Then all of a sudden, the music started up, the crowd went nuts and the streamers went flying. I was the FIRST official Millionaire at Walt Disneyt World. Prizes include 15 collector pins, a hat, a polo shirt, a varsity leather jacket, the CD rom game, a trip to New York to see the show, and to meet Regis personally. The whole thing was amazing I still can't believe that it happened to me.

In a few eeks they will be biulding a wall of fame with each Millionaire and his photo.

If you do visit MGM anytime soon GO SEE Millionaire, it is an amazing experience and get a fastpass because the lines are going to be long. Also, hang onto those pins if you win, The collectors in Dowtown Disney were all over me, trying to trade them away! But of course I didnt!
Good luck everyone and hav fun!
That is so awesome! I am going in June and that is definatly one attraction I am going to! Thanks for all the information!

What an honor and thanks for sharing the experience. I love the Millionaire Game and always play along in enhanced Tv, on line. Guess where I'll spend most of the time on my next trip in May and July :bounce:
Correction: I forgot to credit Mike Hund with his first hand account of being Disney's first Millionaire winner at the studios. I copied his post from the old board so as not to loose his great account of the whole experience.
Back then there wasn't much to do a DHS.... we'd do several show each trip. We won a lot of pins, hats and shirts, but no millions.
I was in the "hot seat" once--- I have pins up to $125K (if I remember correctly)--- and received a polo shirt from the attraction---
I was nervous as heck !!!
I don't know about anybody else but I would be riveted by an hour long documentary about how on earth zeferjen's post happened. How would this thread have been found without realizing it's 20 years old?

I've seen multiple zombie resurrections on DISboards recently, I wonder if something weird is happening. Or if it's some bot taking over old accounts. But for what purpose?

(X-Files theme plays)


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