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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by abandcsmom, Jul 15, 2008.

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    Jul 14, 2008
    Ok, a little background info since I am new here. We are going to WDW at the end of October. :cheer2: We have been more times than I can count. This visit is to celebrate our youngest Princess Annabeth's 3rd birthday. We already have ADRs for 50's Prime Time, Cinderella's Royal Table, and Chef Mickey's. I need one more ADR, we'd probably use it on the day we go to the Animal Kingdom, but we're not locked in to that. We could also use it on the day we go to Epcot, though we will be there during the Food & Wine festival, so we had sort of planned on just eating our way through the World Showcase. :woohoo: We are also open to using it at one of the resorts. We plan on eating all breakfasts at our resort (POFQ) because we are hoping to see the rope drop each morning. The options we have considered are 1900 Park Fare for dinner (we have been to this SO many times and I don't want to take the shine off of seeing Cinderella at the castle if that makes sense), Ohana for breakfast on the day we go to MK (but again, I don't want to miss the rope drop). Chip and Dale's Harvest Feast for dinner (we have never been to this, but like I said, we had sort of planned on eating at the Food & Wine Festival), or breakfast at the Tusker House on the day we go to the Animal Kingdom (we have never been to this either, but again, I don't want to interfere with the rope drop). :confused:

    Do you have a definite favorite place to eat with a 2 year old and a 6 year old that I haven't mentioned? Oh, and I probably should mention that my 6 year old has a slight fear of the characters (she's fine with the Princesses and the other real people, but the larger than life characters slightly freak her out), so we usually do Chef Mickeys on our way out because by then she is sort of over her fear.

    It would also probably be helpful to me if anyone has been to one of the places I mentioned could let me know if the characters are sort of more in your face than other places. :idea:

    Bless you if you understand any of what I have typed here. :worship:
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    I do not know if this will help at all but check the Coarl Reef out. The fish are wonderful and she should love it especially is a tank side table is done. My only other idea would be Ohanas as my kids have always loved the place.
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    First I see you're from Charleston, I looooove Charleston ! :cloud9:

    Are your kids adventurous eaters? You could do Boma's at the end of your AK day, AKL is so close and if they are a little picky they have your standard kid fare on the buffet. Plus being able to go out and see the animals on the savanna just extends your AK day. OR since AK closes early perhaps one of the DTD restaurants. There's always Rainforest too, not great food but fun for kids.
    You don't say where you're staying or if you have first night plans. First night is always a good time for ADRs at a resort restaurant.
    The one thing I strongly advise is not to make ADRs for your EPCOT day, you wouldn't want to miss out on all of the great F&W food. Even if the kids don't want the F&W food you can always p/u stuff for them at the regular food places.
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    Park Fare

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