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June/July or Sept/Oct

  1. keep 3 weeks 9/21/10 to 10/12/10

  2. change to 3 weeks 06/22/10 to 07/13/10

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  1. aussietravellers

    aussietravellers who LOVE disney holidays!

    Jul 18, 2008
    We have already got our plane tickets from Australia to NY and back and have booked our accommodation at WDW (which I think can all be changed) but we have not booked from NY to Orlando return and we have not got our NY accommodation yet. In Sept/Oct we are meeting up with friends for the last week in October and I am celebrating my 40th that is in November, so am planning on a cake and Grand 1 Yacht for my little 40th party. The thing is my son's school holidays are only two weeks long. So I will be taking him out of school for 4 days BEFORE school breaks up. Then when they go back, its the Tuesday 5th October and he won't go back to school until Friday 15th October, so 10 days later (but almost two school weeks), thats 10 school days late. So he will miss a total of 12 school days (which is 3/4s of the way through our school year) by going in Sept/Oct. Now the school frowns upon taking kids out of school outside of school holidays for holidays but many people do, but Im not sure for that long, but I am feeling a little guilty. He is in Year 5 now so they miss a lot more work than in the younger grades.

    In June/July they get 4 weeks holiday almost (June/July is mid school year for us in Australia. Our school year runs from end of January to beginning of December with Dec/Jan being our big summer holiday) So if we went in June/July he would only miss about 4 school days mid year.

    Now comes the poll.
    should we keep 3 weeks 9/21/10 to 10/12/10 where we take my son out of school for 12 school days, meet up with our friends and celebrate my 40th close to the birthday and maybe have lower crowd levels and Hallloween party
    change to 3 weeks 06/22/10 to 07/13/10 where my son won't miss so much school, but our friends won't be there and it's a long way from my birthday (4 months) and not having friends won't really have a birthday party.

    Are the crowds just crazy in June/July????, and the weather, how is that? We live in the tropics so an average day for us is 86.

    Would love to hear opinions on the best time to go, I really don't know much about June/July what you would do, the crowds in June/July compared to Sept/Oct and from any parents about taking their child out of school for that long.

    What would you all do?
  2. DisneyBamaFan

    DisneyBamaFan Alabama - 2009 National Champions

    Jan 10, 2009
    It depends on your son's ability level. We took our boys out of school for two weeks or more every year until my youngest son showed us that it was a struggle for him to catch up (that was 2 years ago, when he was 8 and in the 2nd grade).

    My older son never struggled. I could take him out of school for a month with no issues right now (other than the government meddling in my business), and he is in the 7th grade.

    I voted to take him out, but only if you are sure that he can handle it...
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  4. lizzyb

    lizzyb DIS Veteran

    Oct 8, 2007
    I'd keep it for Sept./Oct.
  5. Daddy_of_Princesses

    Daddy_of_Princesses The downside of being better than everyone else is

    Aug 4, 2006
    Like the other person said, it's up to your child's abilities whether or not you want him out of school that long.

    Having said that, I would rather go to Disney in Oct/Nov than Jun/Jul. Crowds are smaller, and in Jun/Jul you will be looking at temps in the 90's and humidity which combined with the large crowd = Miserable.
  6. aussietravellers

    aussietravellers who LOVE disney holidays!

    Jul 18, 2008
    Thanks everybody for voting. I am still really torn. I think I will talk to my son's new teacher when school starts back next week to see what he thinks. Mind you as it's the start of the year he won't know what my son is like yet, but he still may have feelings on kids being taken out of school.

    It is educational travelling, particularly internationally like we will be. He will be going to Museums whilst we are in New York. So maybe the teacher may have some views on travelling and if there is any work he will be missing he could maybe take some work with him.

    It's a tough decision, but thanks to everybody replied and who voted :flower3:
  7. kpgriswold

    kpgriswold Mouseketeer

    Jul 13, 2009
    June and July in WDW will be among the most crowded of the year, because all U.S. kids are OUT of school. Crowds in Sept/Oct will be very low.

    Also keep in mind that Florida summer heat and humidity are brutal!:scared1: Temps will be in the 90's with about 60% humidity. It is also hurricane season.

    If your student is a quick leaner, I'd see if teachers can help you keep up with the work while you stick to your original plan. If you are at all worried about him, school does need to come first (says this teacher! :thumbsup2)

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