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Jan 8, 2000
It's been awhile since I've been on the boards, but we just decided last night for a surprise trip for the kids. In the past, we've always gone to the park after it's early entry day. I.e. if MK's EE day was Monday, we would go there Tues. , etc. That always worked great for us, and the last 3 trips have been either at spring break or Pres. week.

I was wondering if anyone knew what the busiest days usually are at the different parks now that EE mornings are no more? We are going either 4-27 or 4-28-02 thru 5-3 or 5-4. We've never been at this time of year, so if anyone can let me know about crowds, weather, etc. I would appreciate that info too. Thanks!

I think the reason you haven't gotten any responses is because nobody really knows. There are a few threads going on in other sections that basically ask the same question. General consensus is MK is crowded on weekends, particularly Saturdays, which is typical. Other than that...??????;)

from the official site

Also, during regular attendance periods, our Parks tend to be the busiest on the following days:

Magic Kingdom® Park: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
Epcot® : Tuesday and Friday
Disney-MGM Studios: Sunday and Wednesday
Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
what you could do is go to MK on a busy day in the morning and then right b4 it gets busy and get some stuff done at MK with little crowds

we did that on cmas day and didnt wait for anything...when we left at like 9:30-10 it was getting really busy
Thanks everyone. I will take that into consideration when we make our plans. Since we will be arriving on a Sat. evening, it looks like the kids will be very happy that I will let them go to the MK on Sunday.
The days shown on the official site indicated by Pluto4President coincide with the old EE days and is the same information that was printed before EE was eliminated. I read one post (can't remember who posted it) which had the theory that people who are not aware of the elimination of EE may avoid those parks on the "EE" days as recommended by the guide books, which in turn may reduce the crowds on the "EE" day for the given park. Sounds logical; however, I'd still expect MK to be crowded on the weekend, especially Saturday.
If those trends are still right I picked the right days for each park LOL

we are doing MONDAY at MGM/DS , TUES at MK , WEDS BREAK DQ ,DTD, Marketplace, THURS EPCOT, FRI AK


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