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Mar 13, 2001
My family has just decided to take a trip to Orlando for 3 days and the beach for 4 for Spring Break. UGH Huge crowds!!!!!! We (dad, mom, 3 sons 3, 5, 10) will be in Orlando on April 7-9 and was planning on going to US or IOA for one day. Which park would the boys like the most????? We have never been to Universal but have been to Disney many, many times. With us just going for 1 day we don't want any child to feel left out.



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We went to ISO last February for my sons eighth b-day. Just me, my husband and him. Had an amazing time. My son was about 50 inches tall. Height is Verry important at ISO. Many rides(all coasters) require the rider to be 52 or 54 in". tall. Ripsaw Falls and the raft ride require 44 and 48 in". Jurassic park is 42 in". and though my son thought it was dissapointing your kids should also be pretty fearless as its kind of scary. Easily the highlight of the trip was Spider-Man. We have been on a lot of rides and it was our absolute favorite ever!!! Spider-Man is 40".My son was very dissapointed that there was so much he couldn't do (he is a huge coaster fan and very brave). He did love Seuss landing but we wished there was more there. The park was really amazingly themed however and we did ride everything else plus swapped on the coasters (he was not happy about that but he was a good sport). I would not reccomend ISO to families with small children because the family is divided on so many rides, unlike Disney. If you want to go to either park, Measure your kids first so there will no suprises! Both parks have a lot of very intimidating rides so make sure your kids are up to it. Rides such as Jaws and Kong are pretty real to a small kid. Be prepared to split up with the 5 year-old to explore a playground. Talk with the younger kids about what is real and what is "movie magic". You may want to rent some of the movies the rides are based on. One more thing- Nick. studios is at US and all of your kids will flip over Slime Time and the like. Both parks are clean and friendly and provide a full days touring. Look at a bookstore for some more advice. Have a great time!
just got back from 3/8-3/12 vacation. stayed at HRH and FOTL was worth every penny. It was spring break for colleges, private schools and local schools, so the parks were pretty crowded. We were a group of 3 families (3 sisters) with kids 6,7,8 yo and teens 13, 18, 19 yo.

Our younger kids loved IOA, especially spiderman. I don't know whether your 3 yo would make some of the height requirements but he could see the shows in the Lost Continent (Sinbad and Posiedon), Suessland (they loved the 1 fish,2 fish ride), Comic land and Jurassic park (pterdactyl and nursery). The older kids will enjoy flying unicorns and other "big" kid rides. If you anticipate any crowds (and they are worse in the morning than late afternoon), I highly recommend taking advantage of fastpass or even better, stay onsite for FOTL or VIP tour.

We visited Magic Kingdom on Sunday (supposedly a slower day) and it was mobbed. WDW only allows one fastpass per time, so we waited for space mountain for over an hour and then made buzz lightyear fastpass time. Did the same with splash mountain and runaway train. It was no comparison with FOTL at USF/IOA which made the trip so enjoyable. But even without FOTL, USF/IOA allows for multiple fast passes at a time which makes waiting manageable.

Another fun part of IOA are the games. My brother-in-law a giant stuffed bulbasaur(pokemon character) with a ring toss game. He got a big bucket of rings for $5 and kept tossing to one sword. He only went through one-third of the bucket before he won. It was so big that my 6yo nephew had a hard time putting his arms around it.

USF has plenty to see and do too - but you're 3yo will be able to participate more at IOA just for it's visualness and playful theming.

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