Where's the good airfares??


Earning My Ears
Feb 6, 2000
Haven't seen any good airfare's out of NY lately, anyone get any good fares?

Depends what you consider good. :) To me, anything under $200 is a good deal and I know there are some out of JFK because I just checked the other day. It just depends on your travel dates.
Nothing good out of Wash. DC, unless you leave in the middle of the week. A Sat to Sat trip is $200, I leave in 8 weeks, so still have time. But with so many airlines up to strike, it's difficult to decide who to choose this time. I usually go with Delta or United (but both on the list). USAir has been closer to $300.


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Caribbean Beach 5/96, 11/90, 5/89
Coronado Spring 5/98
Wilderness Lodge 7/99, 11/95
WDW Hotel Village 10/87
Disneyland 5/86
Have you checked airfares from Islip/MacArthur, rather than JFK or LGA? I know Southwest flies to MCO out of Islip, and they have had very good fares.

BTW, I grew up in East Northport.

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Just got this from Southwest
:southwest.com Only

Fares do not include a federal excise tax of $2.75
that will be imposed on each flight segment of your
itinerary. A flight segment is defined as a takeoff and
a landing. The fares listed do not include airport-assessed
passenger facility charges (PFCs) of up to $18 roundtrip.

We've extended your Freedom to Fly with a special
version of Click 'n Save(R).
The special starts today, Friday, March 2, 2001, has a
7-day advance purchase, and is available through
March 15, 2001.

Travel on any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday for
only $39 - $99.
Travel on any Monday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday for
only $46 - $119.

The following restrictions will apply:

*7-day advance purchase
*Fares are one-way and combinable with other
fare types. Most restrictive fare rules apply.
*Fares are nonrefundable
*Purchase beginning March 2, 2001 through
March 15, 2001, midnight Pacific Time
*Travel March 9, 2001 through August 4, 2001
*Florida markets blacked out March 15, 2001 through
April 15, 2001, except for travel to/from Phoenix or
Las Vegas

Please visit our Reservations section to reserve this
week's Click 'n Save Specials at

OKW '93
here is another web sight to use to keep track and check fares...www.qixo.com and www.sidestep.com fares come and go in sales so its something you have to watch almost daily.

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