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    We were there 9/17-8/24 and had the most magical trip! :) We purposely chose some restaurants we hadn't dined in before to mix-it up a bit while also keeping our faves that we always do (Beaches and Cream and Cape May breakfast)....

    These are the TS restaurants that we ate at:

    Beaches and Cream for lunch 30 min. after arrival @ our hotel (stayed @ YC). We just love this place... yes it's noisy and crowded, but our girls love the "fun" of the place. We paid OOP for this with my Disney Rewards card. DH got a burger and onion rings, I split a cheeseburger with my 4.5 yr old who eats like a bird, and our 7 yr old DD got a hot dog. Nothing to complain about... :) We split a No Way Jose 4 ways (YUMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmYYY!!! :banana: ) because we didn't want to fill up due to our first time @ LeCellier @ 5pm that night!

    Le Cellier 5pm day of arrival. We picked an early seating in hopes of avoiding the long waits I'd read about here. We were seated immediately. The room we were in had separate tables (I read somewhere here that you shared a table with other families... but not in the room we were in). DH and I ordered the mixed greens for an appetizer (I tried the cheese soup last year @ the F & W festival after all the hype and it was just quite nasty to me... I just didn't like the texture and it's just a thick cheese liquid really... ick). My 7 yr old DD did order the cheese soup and after one bite she couldn't touch it... I figured I'd give it a 2nd chance and took a bite.... nope. Still hate it! :rotfl: The pretzel breadsticks were to die for! I could have made a meal just out of those!!!! I got the free range chicken breast. This had to honestly be the best/moistest chicken I've ever had. It was delicious! The veggies were different but very good-there were carrots (crunchy) and white beans with some other vegetables... DH got the T-bone steak. He is not much of a steak eater but he LOVED this one... I took a bite and WOW-it was amazing! Our 7 yr old DD got spaghetti. 4.5 yr old got a hot dog. We were all too full for dessert and I wanted so badly to try the chocolate moose, but alas, was not going to gorge myself..... Overall-well worth the visit! LOVED it and will definitely do it again! :thumbsup2

    Crystal Palace for lunch. ADR @ 11:45. NOT impressed. We tried to check in but when there's literally nearly 100 people congregating outside the restaurant with no place to move, it makes it difficult to find where to check in and even to hear your name get called.... I chose an early lunch so that we would beat the crowd..... We were seated around 12:15 and my girls didn't want to leave the table for fear of missing the characters.... so DH stayed with them since it was far away from the buffet line and I wasn't going to leave them unattended. The line was massively long-HUGE. I finally got them each their meals (could only maneuver the 2 plates so I'd still have to return for mine). I let DH get his next because he was starving... THEN I finally went up for mine. The line never got any shorter.... the food was excellent, but too much work to get at :rotfl: The character interaction was so-so.... we finally had Piglet, Eeyore, and Pooh stop by after 45 min. Tigger never left the other side of the restaurant in the 1 hr and 15 min. we were there so my 7 yr old was very disappointed as he was the one she most wanted to see :( So, been there, done that, won't go it again :rotfl:

    Chef Mickey's. Dinner @ 5:30pm. This is when the restaurant opens for dinner and I wanted a first seating to avoid the craziness like @ CP. We LOVED this one. We got seated right away after our picture and we had a table right next to the buffet behind the wall... :thumbsup2 There was nobody in the line so I zoomed up and got my girls' dinners (again, they were afraid to miss a character). The character interaction was awesome-we were visited twice by each and with some even 3 X (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald). The food was good-nothing magnificent to me (though DH really loved it! LOL!) The atmosphere was really fun and my DD especially loved the attention she got when they brought out her bday cupcake and Donald coached her in blowing out her candle!!! :) Overall-a must do again for us :thumbsup2

    Kona @ 5pm before the Pirate and Princess Party. LOVED this one! This was another first time restaurant for us.... we chose to eat here @ opening for them before the P & P party so we could still get to the party before 7.... the sticky wings were amazing! My mixed green salad was great :thumbsup2 DH got the coconut almond chicken and I was kicking myself for not ordering it-very yummy!!! I got the Pan Asian noodles with chicken.... it was great as well.... our DD's ordered a hot dog and burger and then got the make-your own sundae. I was too full for dessert (the DDP just doesn't make it for me as I'm not a big eater and never eat dessert :rotfl: ) DH did do the Chocolate macadamia nut tart and he said it was very good :thumbsup2

    Yacht Club Galley for dinner. This was a last minute change. We were supposed to go to Boma but we were all wiped out and had concierge change our ADR to the YC Galley instead since we didn't want to leave the hotel.... Cape May for dinner was booked and we hadn't eaten at YC Galley since our honeymoon in '94 so we figured we'd give it another shot.... it was EXCELLENT! DH and I are boring with the apps.... got mixed greens again. They were very good . For an entree, DH ordered the Grilled Top Sirloin which he really loved. I got the Braised beef "sandwich" which was wonderful! I love the combo of bleu cheese and steak though this was like a pot roast texture... it was very good. Our girls got chicken fingers and a hot dog. Surprise, surprise! LOL! For dessert (I actually ordered some! :rotfl: ) Dh and I each got the blueberry cheesecake-yummmmy! :thumbsup2 Our girls did the make your own sundae....

    Cinderella's Royal Table for breakfast. It was just the girls... DH went off to have fun on rides and such..... Our seating was for 10:10am. We waited for about 25 min. in the lobby for the photo with Cindy. Girls were impatient... and hungry!!!! Our name was called as we were still waiting for our photo. The hostess told us to stay in line for the photo and then just go right up the stairs. When we got upstairs, we were seated immediately and given one of the coveted window seats overlooking Fantasyland!!!! :) This was the restaurant my DD chose for her bday meal... I pre-ordered the Cindy slipper dessert 4 months prior and forgot to confirm, so I was hoping it was all set.... breakfast was brought out and I didn't really "know" what we would be getting as I'd forgotten what was on the menu from the websites. I'd never been able to score reservations here before and I was more thrilled than my DD"s I think :rotfl: The fresh fruit and baked goods basket was great as a starter... then the meal consisted of scrambled eggs, this amazingly wonderful artery clogging thing that was a cheese danish deep fried and then covered in blueberries.... oh my goodness was it heavenly! :) The hash browns were good... but I'm not a pork eater and there was a lot of bacon and 2 huge sausage links on my plate that I didn't eat... but I was still full from everything else. The girls got french toast sticks, scrambled eggs, and bacon on their plates. The character interaction was awesome! We had Cindy in the lobby, then the Fairy Godmother, Belle (in her blue dress), Princess Aurora, and Snow White visit us. During the wishing ceremony they do, my DD's closed their eyes reallly tight and made a wish.... I saw the waitress coming with the slipper dessert and it was timed perfectly for when my DD opened her eyes!!!! :goodvibes Great memories and a wonderful time!!! Will definitely do it again even though it's 2 credits a person! :thumbsup2 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better IMO than Akershus-we felt very cramped and rushed there @ breakfast and even moreso @ dinner and we didn't like any of the dinner offerings last year when we went :( CRT gets a big :thumbsup2

    Cape May Cafe breakfast.... again, we go for those first seatings whenever we can :thumbsup2 Had a 7:30 ADR-this is our end of the trip tradition... we always eat here for breakfast before heading to the airport.... The restaurant is still very empty at this time and the buffet is fresh and hot with not many people picking over the food... the food is always great-so many delicious offerings! The yogurt bar is a hit too! Our server was very attentive and the character interaction was awesome! They hung out with us quite a bit! This will still be our continued tradition I'm sure :thumbsup2
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    Jun 3, 2000
    Great reviews! Thanks for sharing! :cool1:
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    Jul 6, 2001
    Thanks for your reviews - we were there with you the week before free dining!

    Gotta agree about the much-touted cheddar cheese soup at LC - I can certainly eat it, but the texture is just weird to me...

    So many choices, tho, right???;)

    Glad you enjoyed!
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    Aug 19, 2001
    Thanks for the review! I love Beaches and Cream. We didn't get there on our last trip in February and now it really sounds GOOD! LeCelliar is also one of our favorites. I too love the pretzel bread especially at this moment when I'm trying to DIET. :) We've always ate at Crystal Palace at dinner but I know what you mean about lines, people, etc. I always make an early dinner reservation to try to avoid some of this. We had the same propblem with Tigger this year. The whole time we were there he was never on our side of the room. My DH (yes, DH - not DS) was very upset. I was pouting about not being able to shop and my DH said we were even because he didn't get to see Tigger! Men!!!!!! We haven't ate at Chef Mickey's yet. I'm try to decide if I should change one of my ADR to CM? I just can't make up my mind. Any opinions? Many years ago we ate at Cape May's for breakfast so is it still good? I was thinking about adding that to our ADR's also during our stay. It was between Cape May's and Chef Mickey's for breakfast. Any opinions on that also. I'm so glad you wrote a dining report so I could ask you so MANY questions. Thank's again so much.

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    you hit some good spots there :thumbsup2
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    Sep 19, 2004

    I think if you hit Chef Mickey's right when they open, you'll probably be as fortunate as we were.... we got our food right away with no waiting in line (and it was just put out and not picked over by other guests :rotfl: .... the characters were abundant and very attentive :thumbsup2 We'll probably do it again for dinner on our next trip whenever that may be.... :confused3

    We love Cape May for breakfast.... we do it every single trip on the last day-kind of like our last goodbye to the characters.... we also always book the 7:30 slot so we're the first ones in and get lots of character interaction :thumbsup2 The food was excellent and well varied too :)
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    Aug 1, 2000
    Thanks for sharing your reviews, I enjoyed them. :donald:
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    Jan 30, 2004
    Thanks for the great reviews!:thumbsup2

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