Where to eat!


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Jul 16, 2004
I am planing to take my DD 17 and her friend 16 to H2Glow on the final night. They are both taking the SAT earlier in the day ( we don't live in Florida but she is taking the test there because she would be taking it with someone. All test sites in our home Brooklyn NY were booked - she would have to go the NJ and take it with no one else from her school) She is doing a sleepover the night before and I am picking them up in Clermont after the test so around 1 ish... I'd like to be at TL by 6 for the earlier entry so they can hit all the rides they want multiple times. I am contemplating feeding them offsite because I don't know they exact times we will be on property. I don't want to eat too late and have them too full for the waterpark to be enjoyable. After the party I was looking to eat onsite but most everything is closed even at Disney Springs. Any suggestions?

We are staying at AKL, so maybe the Mara or Sanna for lunch is doable?
I would do a late lunch at Sanaa. If they are hungry after the test I would grab something quick on the way back to the hotel and then do a later lunch/early dinner around 4 at Sanaa.
The Mara is typically open until 1:30 am, so you could eat there after the event. I would probably eat lunch someplace in Clermont - the SAT is pretty long and it would give them a chance to unwind before the car ride to WDW. You could then check-in to AKL and relax a little before heading to TL. There will be food available during the TL event as well if they get hungry.


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