When was the last time you ran out of patience with someone?

Yesterday. We go to an outdoor theater a few times a year with friends. Part of the fun is picnicking in advance of the play so we get there early to enjoy. One friend is in a wheelchair and the theater has a couple of wheelchair friendly picnic tables set aside. We get to the picnic area 90 minutes before the play and both handicapped tables had "reserved" signs on them. Huh? That's never happened before and my friend's partner can't find another table that will work. So, I went to the box office and asked them about the signs and they said another group with a walker reserved both tables. I lost my patience because I had never see a reserved table before and now my friend can't picnic because the available tables are not accessible. I went back to the picnicking area to see if we could make something work and was somewhat mollified to find that our other friends who we were meeting there was already seated at a table that would work for my wheelchair friend. I got mad again when the people who reserved the tables finally showed up (1) 40 minutes before the performance, (2) didn't have anyone with walker or even a cane, and (3) stayed for only 15 minutes. Meanwhile, many other disabled walked up to the reserved tables and had to struggle up a steepish path to other tables that were available.
With my brother the week before father's day when I was trying to plan the menu. I don't appreciate being yelled at when I'm literally saying "I don't care if you want to change the menu. We can eat whatever you want. It's fine with me. Just let mom know if you need anything in particular grocery wise since she wants to do the shopping". So frustrating when someone is just looking for a fight or a reason to be annoyed especially when you are trying to do something nice. Sigh.
Last month. I organized a game day for some children in our community. There are two girls that are part of this group that I would call “disrupters” and I had been told in advance would not be attending. Therefore, I set it up including some games I wouldn’t have chosen if they were there and I set it up for a specific amount of people based on who said they were coming.

Day of the event they show up. I first had to run into the community hall where we were having the event to set the games up for two more participants and then when I let the kids in I asked them to stay by the door so that o could explain the rules.

These two girls instead head right to the first table where I had cards laid out, pick them up, look at them and ask what they do with them. I lost my patience then and about ten more times that day.


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