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Dec 4, 2012
We are planning to a disney/universal trip for Thanksgiving 2020. I usually book Disney hotels about a year out. Would I need to book the Royal Pacific a year out as well and is it better to do a package or a room only and get tickets from somewhere else. Any planning info for Universal would be appreciated, thanks.


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May 15, 2007
You can book your room anytime.....the sooner the better for a busy period.

Check frequently in case room cost goes down as you can call and amend to the lower rate...if you book room only. Packages are never recommended.

If you are staying longer the Stay More Save More rate is often a good option or if you have an AP check if that rate comes along.

Park tickets you can get from anywhere you like.

With EP that you will get automatically with staying at RP planning is minimal for Universal.....worth it`s weight in gold!!!

Check out the hotel stickies for more info......:wave2:


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Dec 15, 2014
Any planning info for Universal would be appreciated, thanks.
Book a room only, you can book as soon as you want. You can also just book through the Loews website and not through universal. Keep checking for any price changes. I recall booking an April 2018 trip by the early part of 2017. I kept checking the pricing and the prices did increase a bit so i was happy i booked when i did. You can always modify/cancel if you happen to find a better price.

As you get closer you can look to find any annual pass discounts. If you find one that is a really good deal then as long as one person in your party has the AP you will get the room discount. You don't actually need the AP when you are booking but would need it when you get to the hotel.

Undercover tourist usually has good pricing on tickets. I would buy from there vs the universal site. There might be other approved 3rd party vendors but i don't know of any personally.


Apr 21, 2002
Just curious - why are packages not a good idea?
It usually cost more to book a package through Universal than to book each item separately using the lower priced 3rd party sites or even Universal itself. As most places do, they grab your attention with a low teaser price...but when you put in your info the price jumps dramatically. Compare the package total to buying separately on your own, it's usually a few hundred $'s less on your own for a multi day stay.


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Aug 12, 2015
Just curious - why are packages not a good idea?
Outside of what greg9x said, the other main reason not to book a package is change/cancellation fees. If you want to change or cancel your package there is usually a fee associated with making a change.

If you book your room separately, you can simply cancel (and re-book different days, or re-book if a lower rate comes along) the room up to 6 days prior to arriving without penalty/fees.


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