When is a confirmation not a confirmation?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by marty, May 15, 2005.

  1. marty

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    Apr 14, 2000
    Two weeks ago on a Monday I booked 6 seats through Travelocity for a Dec. 25 flight from Harrisburg, Pa. to Sanford, Fl.(returning on Jan. 1) for $180 each. I received an email confirmation from them and they also posted my itinerary in the "My Stuff" area of their website. I printed out the confirmation. Along with the itinerary it also listed the individual and total ticket costs and the fact that this would be charged to my credit card. It did state that my ticket #'s would be forwarded as soon as they were avaiable. The following Sunday I caled the airline to get my ticket numbers and was told they have NO record of my reservation. When I called Travelocity I got to speak with someone in Pune, India. Their story - when they tried to book my tickets, there were no seats left at that fare. That was the first that I had been informed of this. I was happily thinking that I had gotten a great deal. Don't know when I'd have found out if I hadn't called the airline. The "supervisor" I spoke with in Pune, told me the only thing I could do was call the airline myself. Oh, and take comfort in the fact that my credit card had not been charged. When I called the airline, the cheapest fare they had was $261 per person. They did imply, however, that had I called on Tuesday they had some seats for $221. Moral of the story -I will NEVER use Travelocity again and I will tell everyone I can about my experience.
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    Experiences like yours is exactly why I always book directly from the airline's website. It can happen with Orbitz and Expedia, too. I use those sites for information only. Sorry you lost out on the better fares.

    Best wishes-
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    Mar 29, 2005
    Not sure if this will help you but I got $148 pp from Philly to MCO - actually I haven't booked it yet but you could try USA3000 airlines. They seem to be really reasonable.

    Good Luck and I hope you get a better deal than the one you had :flower:
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    Aug 25, 2001
    Travelocity could have booked your seat at the higher fare and charged you the lower fare.

    They did not. Instead they tried to commit suicide.

    Imagine all the stories that will start circulating on the web suggesting that people feel free to shop on Travelocity but actually bypass Travelocity and do the actual booking on the airline's or hotel's or car rental's own web site!

    Disney hints:

    TV commercial, I forget whose:
    ... tell two people and they will tell two people and so on and so on...

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