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Jan 1, 2001
What is worse ( or better?), Tower of Terror or Dr. Doom's Fearfall?

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I feel that the launch and the sudden reversal at the top of Dr. Doom is scarier/more exhilarating than any of the drops on Tower of Terror. After that, however, the ride is pretty much over.

I have to say that overall, ToT is a better ride. The theming and story are great, and are actually tied in with the drops (which aren't too shabby either). A lot of creativity, money, and effort went into creating this attraction, and it shows. Doom on the other hand is an off the shelf S&S space shot (though from what I read a particularly forceful one) with a little theming thrown in (especially in the queue).

Doom will give you a big rush followed by a "that's it?" feeling. ToT will give you nearly the same amount of rush but will give a great immersive experience as well.
I agree wholeheartedly with MrN.

Dr. Doom took my breath away literally but TOT REALLY took my breath away with it's theming.


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I didn't think Dr Doom was particularly scary. It's a good ride though. TOT on the other hand is brilliant and I think the theming makes it more scary although the drops are more fun than scary IMO.

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Dr.Doom is a Big Let Down.
Don't even try to compare ToT with this ride.
Doom is a very long wait for a very short ride. Themeing is very minimal and unnecessary. One shot and Doom is over. If the line is Longer than ten minutes, avoid Doom. Without Hype and without a wait, Doom is a fun ride. But in no way should it be compared with ToT.
but thats coming from someone who wasn't been on ToT...Rahehehe....maybe if Universal can set Doom up for multiple launches...now THAT would be fun...lets make a petetion..if its possible!


Though I love IOA/US much more than Disney, I have to say, that of all the Disney attractions, ToT is the best they possibly ever made. It's also IMHO the last great ride the Imagineers have come up with, the newer attractions just aren't up to par, but I haven't gotten the chance to see R'n'R coaster yet.

IMHO, you really feel like you've gone to another dimension, and the voice of Rod Serling back from the grave is chilling!

I'd better stop now before I give too much away!
Though I love visiting Universal and WDW...I think that TOT wins this one hands down. Dr Doom only has that one burst up and down, that is it, finished its over ...but TOT is so well themed it is a pleasure to just walk through the gardens in the front entrance, through the lobby into the library and through the cellar before you get to the ride.....TOT winds hands down on this one..but WDW has nothing to compare to Spiderman, MIB, Poseidons Fury, Terminator etc, etc, etc,.... :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:


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I am agreeing with everyone. When I rode Doom I couldn't believe I stood in line for 5 minutes for it. The blast to the top was great but the drops stunk. There is no fear in any of the drops and the lines can be crazy. They need to do some rearranging and make it really fearful. Or they can make it better by tearing it down and putting something better in its place. I took a field trip with some of my students and when they got off it they told the guys running it to change the name to Dr. Doom's SleepFall. And they are 4th and 5th graders. Give us a real fear.
ToT and Dr. Doom are two very different experiences. Doom with a fifteen minute or less wait can be a fun ride. Disney's biggest mistake with ToT was changing the ending yet again. The better experience on ToT was when you would go into the drop shaft, drop to the basement then go all the way to the top and drop again. Right now they have so many drops in there the end effect is ruined, its like taking a ride on a hilly road, we get the point, the vehicle can go up alot woohoo. Actually a point alot of people dont know is the fact that ToT was originally planned to be an 11 1/2 minute ride, unfortunately disney cut alot out of it, what we're left with a good ride but nothing like it was supposed to be. Now as for Doom, like I said if it's a fifteen minute wait or less its a good ride, any longer wait than that and it can seem like a "that was a waste" attraction which is unfortunate. The video wall in the last portion of the queue has a very detailed video with very subtle but important details in it, Universal spent alot of time with the Marvel people researching and learning about the characters and alot of what they learned made it into the attraction usually in very subtle ways. As for making Doom go thru its launch sequence more than once, unfortunately it can not, it was not designed that way, after IOA opened the company that made Doom for the park came up with a new system that can do multiple launches, guess universal got there too early, haha. And as for the post saying tear Doom down and put something better in...that would be nice but personally I'd start with other attractions before Doom, Storm Force, Flying Unicorn, Triceratops Encounter, Pteranadon Flyers, etc. Compared to those Doom is a wonder attraction, hahaha.


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