What's the best stroller to buy for my trip?


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Apr 3, 2001
I'm going to WDW in May for a quick trip with my friend (without our husbands). We both have sons that are almost 2. Here's my question... I already have 2 strollers -- a Peg Perego Venezia that I think is too large and clunky to bring with me; and my cheapo umbrella stroller doesn't recline.

I'm planning to buy a stroller for my trip (I'll be coming back in Sept. for a longer trip with the hubby, so it'll get use.)

I think it's going to be a pain to get on the buses with the baby and without another person to help me, so I'm looking for something that's easy to collapse, but it has to recline for when my son naps. I don't want to spend to much for this stroller, though.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
Sorry, I don't have the answer but, I'm looking for the answer as well! Maybe someone can help?! I've read all the posts, etc., that anyone can read but, still no answer about where to find/buy.


Good Luck to us both! :)
Hi! I just bought a Maclaren, which I might take on our september trip (when are you going to be there?). They are pricey though.

I was looking for easy to open/close & was impressed with some of the newer Graco strollers. Their metro lite line has what you need - one hand fold! They are also a snap to unfold. They are light & fairly compact.

They also recline, have a large basket & several cupholders!

I haven't used one so I can't comment on long term use, sorry!
Just my opinion, but a stroller that folds in half just takes up to much space on a crowded bus, not to mention a toddler in tow. I have taken 2 trips without DH and taken my toddler. I found the Kolcraft reclining umbrella stroller at the Just Right Baby store, used that for one trip. Then for my second trip went with the Maclaren (my favorite). Besides taking up much less space on the bus, the kolcraft and Maclaren are light weight and easy to tote on/off bus with toddler. I also found a backpack easier than a baby bag. ;)

Hi -- I have a Peg Perego Martinelli -- so I definitely know how you feel about taking that with you on vacation!...I recently bought the stroller that Gillian is talking about. Although I haven't actually used it yet, we did put my daughter in it in the store and the guy showed us how to open and close.. Very simple. It has an aluminum frame so it is definitely light... I know you weren't looking to spend alot of money but I paid $99 and I have a feeling once I start really using it, that I am going to love it...

Good Luck..


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The best stroller out there for you is the combi savvy Z. it wieghs only 7 lbs. if folds up twice and (drum roll please) it has a sholder strap, so you can throw it over your sholder climbing onto the bus and have two hands for your child. its pricey though, as much as $190.

combi alos makes a much cheaper one that folds twice called the travel savvy. it only wieghs 11 lbs, but has no strap.

both recline but dont have much basket space.
IMO the Combi is good for Mall walking, but it simply doesn't stand up to the rigors to traveling. My Travel Savvy broke less than 8 months after I bought it. I have since replaced it with a Maclaren which I am very happy with.

-- Robin

Thanks for the suggestions. I won't be going shopping for it for a few weeks yet, so if anyone has anymore suggestions, I'll add them to my "go-see" list.
Can't wait -- six weeks till we go!
We had two boys in strollers and took our Graco Literider and Evenflow Trendsetter. We would have the strollers folded and ready when the tram came (we drove so didn't use the park busses) and then one of us would get on the tram, pass the kids on, then the other one would load the two strollers on...worked out very well. Neither of these strollers folded exactly small, and I'm sure there is more room on the bus than on the parking lot tram, but we had no problems.

Disney is not an adult only community...people have to be understanding of families with kids, strollers etc. We would take up one whole side of the monorail with our strollers and kids. That's just the way it goes.

So, don't feel bad if you take up room on the bus. I don't mean for this to sound like I'm callous and don't care, I just mean that everyone should be accommodated and those that are offended or bothered by strollers should not be as this is not an adult only place.

That said...I was very happy with both the strollers we took. I definitely would bring reclining strollers, though, because even my 3-1/2 year old napped while we were there
For our recent trip to Disneyworld with our 3 year old, we purchased an Avalon umbrella stroller for about $35. It has a top flap which provides a roof for sun protection, yet is small and compact and easy to carry when folded up.

Our three year old can walk around around the block without getting tired, so I debated even bring a stroller. I'm sure glad we brought it because we did use it.

If fact, we actually used the stroller too much, so when we got tired and sat down to lunch, my daughter got out of the stroller and ran all over the place!

We found the best strategy was to make her walk in the morning, then use the stroller in the afternoon when she got tired.

I bought a Gaco Kite Lite Rider, it worked great. It was pretty light, reclined, had a canopy and basket, easy to fold and was only $39. On a really crowded bus DH held it on his lap.

Anyone looking for a good deal on a Combi stroller for there trip? Access the Combi Outlet at coolsavings.com. Great prices, and right now they are offering an additional 20% off. :)
Last summer I made a grand search for the ultimate WDW stroller (and one that could hold a 5yo, no less!) and found the Maclaren Techno. I still think "wow, this stroller is great!" every time I use it. It reclines almost all the way and folds really easily. I can open and close it with my baby in one arm and the stroller in the other. There are lots of other neat little features too...but that's the quick overview!


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