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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Simba's Mom, Mar 25, 2002.

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    Aug 26, 1999
    In talking to our guide the other day, I mentioned that as new members, where DH bought sight unseen, we'd like to see the models of the other resorts. He told me to go to a vacation club desk and set up a "member visit"to their Boardwalk sales location. I'm afraid this might just be an opportunity for a sales pitch. We just want to look around. But its possible they want people to do this simply to keep things organized without a lot of people wandering around getting in the way. Has anyone here gone to the Boardwalk to see the models of all the DVC sites? If so, did you arrange that "member visit" or just walk in at your leisure? Not sure which we should do.
  2. drusba

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    Aug 19, 1999
    They don't try to push you to buy although undoubtedly they hope you will. A member visit simply tells them that they do not have to go through the whole presentation (including full explanation of the nature of DVC) that they would with a new person.
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    Aug 17, 1999
    I took the tour last December with our guide and got to see the rooms for WLVs at the Boardwalk. He showed us around and told us about the subtle differences between BWVs' rooms an WLVs. It was nice, no pressure placed on us at all. It was more informative than anything else, and a chance for my in-law to see what the rooms that we had recently purchased would look like. Plus, it was nice to see our guide. He was very good to us during the entire sales process.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    The models will only be of the BCV furnishings. They do not have models to show of all the different DVC resorts. If you want to see actual rooms at the different resorts, you can ask at the desk of each resort and, if they have something available and someone has the time, they will let you take a look.
  6. Peterd

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    Sep 30, 2000
    During President's week, we were at the BW, it was a rainy day and we decided to go down and check out the models for BCV. We just walked into the normal DVC entrance, and they said there was a two hour wait for the tours, but we could just walk around to the other door since we were members. It was nice, just a tour, and never pressured us on anything.
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    Apr 26, 2000
    I took the tour 2 weeks ago they had BCV & VWL models set up, across the hall from each other. It was really fun to compare, because they are the same layout, yet they look totally different!

    Just a thought, but your guide may have suggested going to one of the desks because they can to have a van come & pick you up. They can arrange it so that they are expecting you at the models. Also, the van will take you back when you are finished, or to wherever you want to go next!

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