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    Oct 15, 2005
    I need help from those who obsess as much as I do.

    I'm sailing alone with DH over Halloween 2012. It'll be my 4th Disney cruise and 2nd on the Dream ( was on the 2011 Member's Cruise ).

    When I asked DH if we could do a quick getaway on the Dream, he agreed. He did ask me to "get a nice room".

    Well, being more familiar with the room cats on the Magic and Wonder ( and I got a waitlisted 5A for the MC on the Dream ) I booked a 7A for DH and I. Well, I've done more research, and a 7A is obstructed. Not interested. If I want obstruction, I'll save the money and get a window.

    So, now I'm changing rooms. I asked DH for input and he said-" Book whatever you want. If I get to run off with you for a few days, I'll stay in a closet and it will be great." ( I have a very sweet DH )...

    So, here's my options as I see them..

    Downgrade to an outside. Get in line at the port early and see if I can upgrade ( pref to concierge ) at the port first thing. I've done this in the past and been successful ( the Wonder in May ). I doubt the ship will sail full for a mostly weekday cruise in October. However, in the beginning, DH did ask for a nice room.

    Upgrade to some cat 6 or 5. I'd need to do more homework. Really not familiar with the classification. Loved my 5A, but since it's the two of us, I'm really just interested in a pleasant, quiet cabin. The balcony would give DH the "nice room" he asked for.

    Upgrade big time ( and big money time ) to available concierge. Happy hours, dinner at Palo. First Crack at a Serenity Bay cabana which would make ME super happy. A nice change as we usually cruise with our DD and a friend. I think DH would like the concierge. To, the number ( only ) reason would be first crack at cabanas. But, I'm sailing in October, I may score one anyway.

    So, I think I'll make some change today and I'd LOVE opinions. And thank you for reading through this long post.

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