What was your first Disney Deluxe Resort? And moderate and value?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by *Fantasia*, May 4, 2005.

  1. *Fantasia*

    *Fantasia* <font color=royalblue>Nothing beats a nice clean-c

    Jun 3, 2000
    What did or didn't like about your first stay at the deluxe, moderate or value?
    Did the place met your expectation or were you dissapointed? Is this your favorite resort?

    Deluxe: WL~ Our first deluxe! We went in Dec 2004 and went in Feb 2005. Beautifully done with Christmas decorations. I can't think of anything I don't like about this resort. I just wish that their food court was bigger and have more varieties.
    It met my expectation. This is a breathtaking resort! We stayed in the Courtyard both times. This is our first and only stay at the deluxe... so I guess so far this is my favorite!

    Moderate: CBR~ I liked the themeing, the food court with lots to choose from, I liked the hammocks. I didn't like the fact that twice our visits, there were cockroaches in our room. The carpet wet. The tub drainage is clogged.
    I was a little bit dissapointed the fact of what I have experienced in the room. We stayed in Jamaica #45 in Sept 2000- not renovated. Then the second time, we stayed in Martinique #26 in June 2004- already went through renovation.

    Value: ASMovies~ I can't think of anything I don't like about this resort. Seeing and hearing little children everywhere doesn't bother me cause I have small children myself. Stayed at ASMo Sept 2000, Dec 2001, and March 2005. I have stayed at POP and loved everything about it. I guess POP is now my favorite value. I still like ASMo!!
  2. randyl

    randyl Mouseketeer

    Aug 17, 2000
    Great post Fantasia - and you have two beautiful children.

    My first deluxe was the WL in May of 2001. It went way above my expectations and still reminisce about that trip and my first impressions of the hotel. I do agree with you about the food court. It seems like they built the hotel without having the foresight that they would be adding villas - which made everything there a little "smaller".

    I've only stayed at a moderate once and that was Dixie Landings. It was a while ago and I really don't remember it that well - it was my first time on-site.

    Never stayed in a value resort.
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  4. johnsonet

    johnsonet DIS Veteran

    Jul 3, 2003
    My first Deluxe was the Contemporary when I was 15 years old and I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!! I have tons of pics of the room and our view of the MK taken on my Disc Camera :teeth:
    I've never stayed in a Moderate or a Value - I'm spoiled :rolleyes: princess:
  5. Ilovestitch

    Ilovestitch DIS Veteran

    Dec 20, 2003
    First Deluxe: Boardwalk Inn w/my family when I was 16 or 17. It was the year the BWI opened, first year of the Disney Cruise Line- an AMAZING vacation! I convinced my mom to book a land/sea package before the Disney Magic ship was even built!

    First Moderate
    : Caribbean Beach Resort when I was 18 w/family as part of land/sea package. CBR is the only moderate I've stayed at, I LOVE it!

    First Value: I stayed at All Star Music the year it opened w/my family and I thought it was really cool. It's the only time I've stayed value, though. I think i'm spoiled w/the mods and deluxes now. :flower:
  6. Kitty 34

    Kitty 34 Hums in her sleep

    Feb 16, 2000
    First deluxe was (and still is) the SwanDolphin...hope that counts!! ;)

    First and only value was AS Music

    Have never stayed at a moderate.
  7. weluvpluto

    weluvpluto DIS Veteran

    Apr 2, 2002
    My first Deluxe was Poly(not counting when I was a kid :p ). It met our expectations and then some. It is our favorite but we love WL too, and still want to try some other deluxes.

    Our first moderate was CBR, at the time it met our expectations, but it's not our favorite. POR and POFQ are :cloud9: and I would always try to get a room here before CBR.

    Our first and most likely last value was ASSp. Overall we were not very happy and were not able to move. Just our personal taste though. :)
  8. geetey

    geetey Queen of the Smilies

    Feb 21, 2000
    First Home Away From Home - OKW 2 bedroom. DH's boss said we could use his time share for the annual fees and we traded in for OKW! HOLY COW! What a STEAL! $800 for the whole week in a 2 bedroom. Can you say spoiled?!?! We love the size of the unit. Loved being able to park in front of our room. We did feel like we were out of the action and would have preferred to be closer. We were in a unit very far from the pools and had to drive to that and the gift shop - didn't like that.

    First Deluxe - YC standard view. We LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Yacht Club. It was awesome! This was in 2000 and we were selected to be the Millineum Family of the Day by Captian Bob. That was a great trip.

    First Moderate - haven't stay at one.

    First Value - All Star Movies. Not the resort for us. Our room showed signs of HEAVY use and abuse (drawers falling apart, safe didn't work, etc) and we just can't bring ourselves to try an All Star resort again. I stayed at POP in January and it was great, so the entire family decided to try POP for this summer's trip. I am very excited!!
  9. MemoryMakers2669

    MemoryMakers2669 <font color=green>Would rather have a sippy tag th

    Sep 23, 2004
    Pretty easy to figure out from my Siggy! We have only been to one of each so far...POR, AKL and ASMo. We loved them all, with AKL being the best, ASMo being second and POR last.
  10. SeaSpray

    SeaSpray Disney World fan since 1976

    Jan 11, 2001
    Never been to a Value resort. And unless I go on a trip without DH, it looks like I never will have a chance to stay at one.

    First Moderate: Caribbean Beach Resort- Martinique 25. I LOVED it. DSs loved it. DH loved it UNTIL we moved over to the Grand Floridian, now he's not looking back. lol

    First Deluxe: Grand Floridian- Boca Chica - lagoon and castle view. This resort, and the view we had, has turned my DH into a resort snob. lol He refuses to stay anywhere other than a deluxe resort now.

    I can't wait to experience the Wilderness Lodge and the Polynesian resort, in 2 months. I'm looking forward to being able to compare more resorts, and the concierge services too. As of right now, I only have the above two resorts to go by.
  11. Ladyhawke10

    Ladyhawke10 Grand Floridian girl

    Sep 16, 2003
    Deluxe Grand Floridian! (see my tag...) I tried what turned out to be my all time favorite one right off the bat, and was sad when we had to move to the Wilderness Lodge after (though that one was nice, too...). GF is still my all time favorite :cheer2:

    Moderate My first moderate was Port Orleans Riverside. I actually transferred from GF to Port Orleans on one trip, and the change was a bit abrupt! While I love the Port Orleans resorts, they don't compare to the deluxe experience for my family.

    We've never tried a value.... ::MinnieMo
  12. tkldisney

    tkldisney DIS Veteran

    Oct 5, 2000
    First deluxe was: Poly it was great, but then I'd never stayed at deluxe .
    First moderate: POR - loved it! Have been back!
    First value: ASM, very good for the value. Would go back.

    I like the Contemporary best, (hubby hates it) then GF which we'll be there in december. Can't wait for that one!!

    I really liked POP too!
  13. kandmwedding

    kandmwedding Lover of all things Potato Head

    Sep 8, 2003
    Out first deluxe will be the Wilderness Lodge this December. We're VERY excited. It'll also be our first MVMCP!! :bounce:

    Our first moderate was POR on our honeymoon. I think this is the perfect resort for honeymooners on a budget. Very quiet, serene and romantic, but not too pricey. Loved it for a honeymoon, but wouldn't go back again. It's just not DISNEY enough for me. :love2:

    Our first value was POP. We looooooove it!! Can't be the great rate and the decor is fantastic!! When I come to WDW I want to immersed in the Disney feeling and POP definitely does that! :earsboy: :earsgirl:
  14. DVC-Don

    DVC-Don DIS Veteran

    Dec 15, 2001
    1st Deluxe: Beach Club, 1996

    1st Moderate: Dixie Landings (now Port Orleans - Riverside), 2000

    1st Value: All Stars - Movies, 2003

    1st Vacation Club Boardwalk Villas, 2001
  15. DisneyJen0504

    DisneyJen0504 Married Prince Charming. Mommy to Avery & William

    Jun 22, 2004
    Let's see-havent stayed at that many but here goes....
    First and Only Value-All Star Sports August 1998.
    It was okay. It was our first trip to WDW since 1989 so I was just happy to be in the world. I was not disappointed but once I stayed at a moderate, I most likely wont go back to value. :rolleyes:
    First Moderate-CBR June 2000
    We loved CBR :sunny: -loved the theming, the resort as a whole was magical!! We had a blast! We tried CSR in June 2002 and fell in love with it so thats our new home away from home for now!
    Hoping to be our First Deluxe in the near future-Polynesian
    We hope to get to stay at Poly sooner rather than later! :cloud9:
  16. rcraw45425

    rcraw45425 <font color=darkorchid>I'm a 43 year old mom with

    Aug 26, 2004
    1st time onsite was the Swan, March of '98, nice hotel, we were there for DH to attend a medical conference, seemed a lot like every other convention hotel. Then in fall of that same year we were back at the Contemporary as a reward for older DD being potty trained! We had a garden wing room, south wing. We enjoyed being immersed in the Disney experience. Since then it's been nothing but deluxes, DH is a snob, refuses to sleep in a full sized bed! I tend to agree. We cancelled our June trip because he needs a little time to recuperate from our Feb. and April trips, we're thinking about October again, gotta go to the Halloween party on his birthday!
  17. nwdisgal

    nwdisgal DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2002
    First Deluxe - Was the AKL. We went there right after it opened and loved it.

    First Moderate - CBR. Again we went right after it was refurbished. Everything was fresh, new and in great condition. Really enjoyed our stay there.

    I have not been to a Value.

    Fantasia - Cute Kids!
  18. tlbwriter

    tlbwriter Does this look infected?

    Apr 25, 2005
    I've only been once, and we stayed at the GF, complete with castle view. I'm afraid everything else will pale in comparison!

    Planning to stay at a moderate next (POR), but I don't see us ever staying at a Value. I don't mind little kids (heck, I love 'em!!!) but rowdy teenagers are another story, and I don't want to be in a building full of them.
  19. Jasminetigger

    Jasminetigger DIS Veteran

    Feb 14, 2005
    First Deluxe was CR. I know I might be in the minority, but I wasn't crazy about this place. I cant' quite put my finger on it, but it just wasn't magical for me. (Our deluxe of choice now is WL)

    First moderate was Dixie Landings. I loved this resort. The grounds were just so wonderful to walk around on. We love Boatrights. (I remember the first time we ate there, we thought the waitress left her cleaning rags on the table, but turned out to be the napkins. My DD got a kick out of this) Always had a great time at this resort.

    First valus was ASSp. This was nice for a value. My dd loved the large megaphones. Nice to stay at if we were going to be in the parks a lot. :flower:
  20. Jakesmom1

    Jakesmom1 The Tag Fairy shows herself to no one

    Jun 25, 2003
    First trip at onsite was a Deluxe- The Contemporary- In the 80's. My boyfriend had made the reservation. When we got to the room and found out is was not in the tower, my heart sank. Very nice room, but dissapointed that we were not in Main part of the hotel.

    Second trip on site was Value - All Star Movies. Very nice, but also very crowded. My dh would go back in a heart beat, I would if only way I could stay on site.

    Last trip on site was Moderate- CBR- Loved it, beautiful room, beautiful surroundings. Would stay there again and again. Just booked our July trip (waited for FL Res. discounts), couldnt get CBR, but got POFQ. Cant wait to see how it stacks up to CBR.
  21. Magic2000

    Magic2000 DIS Veteran

    May 1, 2000
    1st Value Resort was All Star Movies!! We LOVED it!!! We stayed in the 101 Dalmations section (DD's request) and every morning, when we would walk by the huge "TV", DD would pretend she was on TV and talk with the little dog!
    We have since tried Pop Century, and also LOVE it!!! We've stayed at Pop Century twice now, and we'll be back for a split stay in a few weeks!!!

    1st Moderate Resort was POFQ! We've stayed there a couple of times too, and we really liked it a lot!!! In fact, its the only moderate we've stayed at, and we will be back in a few weeks!!!

    1st Deluxe Resort was Polynesian, and we LOVED it!!!! It was so relaxing!!! It is definitely DH's favorite hotel!!! We've stayed at the Polynesian a couple of times, and it is so nice!!! Of course, I did finally get to stay at the Grand Floridian for an early December (2002) trip, and there is nothing like the GF at Christmas time!!!! It was so pretty!!! Definitely a family favorite!!! Then, last summer, we tried Wilderness Lodge, and LOVED it too!! My DD loved the slide, and we all just enjoyed the hotel so much!!! Oh, and the Contemporary was wonderful too - the convenience of walking to MK is great!!! The Swan was also very nice!!! (Its very hard to pick a favorite for the deluxes - we loved each one we've stayed at!)

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