What TO DO?? St. John or St. Thomas

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by jenpan, Jan 1, 2002.

  1. jenpan

    jenpan Luvin the Mouse!

    Aug 8, 2001
    We are trying to decide if we should spend the day at St. John on the beach or should we stay on St. Thomas, shop and go to the beaches there.?

    Will we miss something if we go to St. John for the day. Is there time to go to St. John if we catch the earliest ferry and then also have time to see some of St. Thomas?

    Would we have more time if we didn't take the St. John excursion from DCL and just went on our own?

    Will I miss some great jewelry shopping, etc. if I don't spend time on St. Thomas?

    Any opinions will be helpful???

    38 days.........:earsgirl: :earsgirl:
  2. Dave_from_Marietta

    Dave_from_Marietta DIS Veteran

    May 19, 2001
    Is St John beautiful? Yes, absolutely. One of the most beautiful places on earth. But to get there you have to hustle, use multiple modes of transit, and lay out more than a few bucks, and then enjoy just a couple hours. But it's a lot easier to get to Magen's Bay on St Thomas. Okay, maybe it's not as pretty as St John, but if St John wasn't there, there'd be no debate. Magen's Bay also appears on Top 10 world beach lists. And if you want to snorkel, I've never heard anyone complain about Coki Beach.

    DCL's visit to the USVI is incredibly short. Enjoy it without stressing out. St John will still be there if you decide to come back to the USVI.
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  3. CarolAnnC

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    Oct 9, 2000

    I would recommend Coki Beach in St Thomas - my teens and I adored it, and I would do the jewelry shopping in St Maarten.

    There are great jewelry values, perhaps even more so than on St Thomas, in St Maarten and I found a gorgeous tanzanite ring there on my last cruise!! :)
  4. melwill530

    melwill530 Mouseketeer

    Jun 21, 2011
    Coki is one of my favorite beaches. You can rent a locker at Coral World for a minimal price. You can rent chairs on the beach with an umbrella. They will bring drinks and food right to your chair. There is also some great snorkeling to the right of the beach since Coral World is right around the corner. They say that there is some good snorkeling to the left as well. You can also shop for jewelry right at Havensight where the ship docks.
  5. steves100

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    Dec 24, 2003
    We like Linqvist Beach quite a lot. If you have seen the DirecTV commercials w the talking horse, they were filmed there.

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