What shows, parades and side acts are there at both parks?


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Sep 14, 1999
I've seen the Super Hero Parade at IOA and the cartoon characters in Toon Lagoon. Also, I've seen the MIB car act on the streets of Universal. There have been a few street acts in the Citywalk area like the basketball game one. I'd love to hear more of what both parks have to offer on this level. I don't think their brochures cover this area very well. TIA
Okay, where are the experts out there? I'm sure there are alot of people who would like to know about the non-ride attractions, etc. All your help is appreciated.
I don't know the proper name for it but there was a 'Blues Brother' (similar to the actors in the popular movie) singing act that was taking place near some of the buildings around the corner from the Kongrontation ride.

Also near the time Universal was closing down for the night, there was a neat Latin band playing music fairly close to the entrance (never did find out their name) that sounded great and families seemed to enjoy them. Also, we saw actors dressed as Marilyn Monroe and Beetlejuice that were out taking pictures with any interested fans (there were others too but I can't recall).

As far as indoor shows there is the 'Gory, Gruesome, and Grotesque Make-up' show which details the special effects that go into films. There is also the 'Alfred Hitchcock' attraction where you learn about his techniques of making movies in a theatre setting.

The 'Terminator 2 3-D' show is adapted form the famous Arnold Schwarzenneger blockbuster (it is really neat/a must-see). We also saw characters Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble around the Hanna-Barberra ride taking pictures with guests.

There is also the outdoor 'Animals Actor Stage' which displays animals performing different feats
similar to the way they they are done in movies and television. The 'Wild Wild West Stunt Show' (think this is the right name) features actors in a themed show where they pull of certain stunts and tricks.

I hope you enjoy!

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Great non-rides at IOA:
Jurassic Park Discovery Center is a lot of fun to play/interact with dino-related activities (can't really call 'em games, since it's quite educational)
Also, get literally lost in the Camp Jurassic area for awhile. Beautifully themed and landscaped, you get a lot of good photo ops (and a few surprises) here.
Visit the Mystic Fountain in Lost Continent too. Very funny show there at times!

At USF, catch the Beetlejuice Rock Show (times will be listed in the days' program). And be 15-20 mins. early for the show, as the Marx Brothers are typically "messing" with the crowd entering. Funny stuff!


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