What loop would you recommend?


Earning My Ears
Jan 6, 2001
I will be making reservations this week for early June. If they let me make a particular loop request, which one should I ask for? My primary concern is shade.
You can make a loop request when you make your reservations, they always tell you that it is a request and not a guarantee, We usually request the 1400 loop, we almost always get the loop we request, they are good about that,

As far as shade, fort wilderness is full of trees, the shade does not always spare you from the heat though.

Once you get to your site before setting up, walk around the loop if you see a site you might like better call the reception outpost and they probably will switch it for you. This is what we do and they have always switched it for us.

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We always go for the preferred loops - 100,200,400 or 500. These are the loops closest to the marina and bus depot so you can eliminate one bus trip.

Vist my brick W04 972

Fort Wilderness 73,74,79,80,83,89,93,95,97,Christmas99/New Year2000

Dixie Landings 95,96,98

Wilderness Lodge 94

All Star Movies 00

Off property Feb/March 2000

Disneyland 77,81,85,94∏
Loop 900 was very quiet and one trading post and pool are very close. If you're in shape, you can walk to the boat launch (about 1/4 mile) The bus stop was also right outside the loop. Have fun fellow camper! :)

I'll also be there in June too. June 15-25th. Can't wait. My favorite loops are 900, 800 and 1400. This time, I have requested the 900 loop. It's right across from the Meadows store, pool, campfire singalong and tennis courts. Plus it's a smaller loop too.

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Made my reservations Monday night for June 2- June9. We are three families going and the other two both want to bring thier small dogs. I had to request the pet loops and it looks like I will be in 1600, 1700, 1800, or 1900. Hope they are nice.


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