What kind of music does your favorite local radio station play? 📻

I don't have a favorite local station and because I haven't listened to local radio in years, I don't even know what the formats are for most. We only listen to SirrusXM.
I also don’t listen to local radio because I have sirrusXM. Judging by the fingerprints on my touch screen I would say the 3 stations I listen to the most are phish, Grateful Dead, and Dave Matthews Band.
No more radio station music listening. Mostly I listen to a melange of prog/electro tech/art and world music via playlists on YouTube.
I have Sirius and for years was partial to First Wave, 80’s New Wave and Alternative. But for the past two months or so it’s been 70’s on 7. Mostly pop but some rock too.

I’m currently in Texas with a rental car and googled alternative stations for both Dallas and Houston.
We still listen the radio.
Favorite station is our local Christian Rock station.
It doesn't always come in so I listen to the University station
when they have jazz playing.
I mostly listen to Iheart radio or apple music when in the car. But in the mornings I sometimes listen to the news/morning shows while driving home from dropping husband off at work before i have to go in several hours later (he works super early). Most of the channels I'll listen to this on are classic rock channels.
I honestly don’t have a favorite station, because I listen to so many different things.

On Sirius XM I listen to the following the most….
The Catholic Channel
The 10 Spot
80s on 8
The Frank Sinatra Channel
The Jimmy Buffet Channel
Used to listen to a local radio station playing Oldies '50's to '90's then switched to a local radio station with Country and now use phone to listen to The WOLF 95.5 Dallas/Fort Worth Country that's 958 miles away.

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