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Earning My Ears
Feb 18, 2004

Is there something you really, really want to look good in, so it's keeping you focused? (I know this is really about health!, but looking good is a definite perk!) :)

I have one of those really cute retro mickey womens t-shirts that looked horrible 2 weeks ago when I bought it...it has the french cut sleeves...so I'm going to try it on once a month, until we go to Florida...where HOPEFULLY, I'll wear it to the world! :)

Just wondering if I'm the only one...


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Apr 30, 2001
Hi MyWish! I'm already at my goal weight, but I remember wanting sooooo badly to look good in a pair of jeans. You know, that casual, "I look sexy even though I'm just in a pair of jeans" kind of thing?:) That and sleeveless shirts!


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Feb 15, 2000
I want to look good in my son's wedding photographs :)


Aug 11, 2003
I want to wear and look good in - just a pair of jeans (not too tight, not too baggy) with a nice t-shirt. Like Luvmydogs said, have that feel about me - I look good even when I'm in casual clothes. ;)


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Dec 14, 2003
2 piece bathing suit

Last yr I bought my 1st tankini - this yr Im ready to buy something that shows a little belly


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Jan 6, 2004
I have a pair of jean shorts and a little Old Navy shirt that I wore two summers ago after quite a bit of success at WW. I felt so good wearing that outfit and can't wait to put it on again.


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Sep 30, 2003
I would love to wear a size 8 jeans only because I've been in 10's and 12's for 7 years now and would like to get down to single digits.

I also have this great summer dress. It is a pretty fusica color and just ultra feminine - I've only had the guts to wear it twice and I would really really like to be able to wear it this summer to graduation partys and such.



1/2 in the World - 1/9/05!!
Feb 3, 2004
I have a pair of jeans that button up the front. I could wear them 3 years ago and a college kid was amazed that I was the mother of 4. He said he would have thought I was maybe 30. (actually 42). Felt soooo good to hear that from a stranger. Went out the next day and had professional pictures taken in those jeans. I have the picture taped in my journal. I want to wear those jeans one more time. I think they are a 12. Maybe a 10. I have them packed in a box with a weight on them( I have 5 of these boxes on the way down) As I hit another goal weight and size , I open the box and really enjoy myself trying on the favorite clothes I used to wear. I am almost to the sencond box. Doesn't cost anything but is worth a million!!

I also have a tankini that I thought was so cute! Didn't ever have the guts to wear it. Will be wearing it next Jan. at Castway Cay!!

Keep going, every bit is a victory!!


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