What I am looking forward to at Dis-Con II


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Apr 14, 2000
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1. Meeting and making new friends. :)
2. Seeing old friends. :D
3. Going to Jellyrolls (didn't do that last time.)

4. Hearing Tia giggle until she snorts (Well, I might have snorted a time or two myself.) ;)
5. Our slumber party.

6. Seeing if I can talk Frank into donning something festive. A hat. A shirt. Face painting. If by some miracle this actually happens, this is what Frank will look like for the rest of the trip.

7. Spending an extra week or so after Dis-Con to recuperate.

8. Videotaping Ray Sharpton's Celebratory Dance of Christmas Lights. :bounce:
9. Trying a new restaurant.

10. Offering a prize to be won by those of you who have confessed to a dislike or hatred of IASW. <-- You know who you are. ;) The Contest: Who can ride IASW the most times in a row without cracking and taking out a doll. The Prize: I'll treat you to any meal you want on property. Well, except V & A's. I don't think they allow crackpots like us in there. :D

Okay. Who's next? What are you looking forward to?


  • Meeting in person - people I have come to know and love here on the DIS!
  • Getting to know many others for the first time.
  • Laughing until my sideaches!
  • Adventurers Club! I have never been and I REALLY want to do this!

1. Absolutely meeting everyone here! I can't wait!
2. Um, DATW? :D
3. Meeting Dan the Man
4. Seeing Ray's Big Dogs?
5. Being in the most wonderful place on earth
Wow, where do I start??
Meeting and hanging out with new friends
Being together again with my old friends
Seeing what kind of hat creation Dayna will wear this year
Another evening at Jellyrolls
Locking arms with my friends while watching Illuminations, and swaying to the music
Tea party at the Grand Floridian
Riding the rides with everyone, it's sooooooo much fun to ride with other Disney nuts!
Hopefully, doing Hoop De Doo Revue with a group of friends
Eating at some of the "fun" restaurants with everyone
Tonga Toast
Krispy Kreme's
Our private park party
The Slumber Party (this will be so cool!!!!!!!!)
Seeing how many things can make Sandra and I cry! :)
Seeing Ray's balcony lights-what a wonderful sight!
DATW 3 (or 4 or 5 or what ever number it is!)
For Barry-a scavenger hunt! :D
I'm sure there's tons more, and they'll come to me later. I'll just keep adding on as I think of them!

I can't wait until DIS CON II, too. haha!

1. Getting to meet and to know better all the new DIS friends again that I met at DIS CON I and all the new DIS friends that I haven't met, yet.

2. Spending more time with you guys.

3. Getting to know DISers that I talked to on the DIS, but didn't get to spend much time with them at DIS CON I like Glo and Patrick and Smee and Nativetxn and Alex and Snowark and Fairygodfriend and SideShowBob and so many others, WHEW!!!

4. I want to make Jellyrolls (I was to tired last time).

5. I want to make Adventurer's Club (ditto).

6. I want to help Barb with the scavenger hunt.

7. I want to be able to go on all the groups thrill rides so that I can spend more time with everyone.

8. I want to talk to everyone at the welcoming brunch (or what ever you call it) so that no one feels left out. I think that we should have a list of eveyone one there so that we can make sure that we meet everyone so that no one feels left out because they may be shy or not post as much as othrs, but still love the DIS and Walt Disney World just as much as anyone there (WHEW).

9. I do not want to miss the Saturday Spectromagic Parade and fireworks. It would be nice if we could all be standing in Main Street to watch the fireworks together as they fly over the castle.

10. To get a similar room at the Dolphin Resort to display my Christmas lights (if I can afford it) and to stay longer.

11. To make the Magic Kingdom tour next year. (I missed it last year because I was to tired, but Linda said that someone else took my place, and at least I got a pin since I paid for it).

12. To take a digital camera and notepad to take down the names of those that I take pictures of.

13. To sing with JayPD at the Swan Resort Karoke meet "I'm proud to be an American".

14. To make sure that I have a full battery on my ECV to make it all the way around DATW and to let my friend JayPD ride a few times and not forget my friend Marla's DATW cups.

15. To have more of us than Steve, Barb, and Frank to have dinner together and go to the wonderful EPCOT's Christmas Processional Package and to bring an extra absorbant shirt for Barb-for-real to cry on my shoulder, hehe!

16. To have another Chritmas tree and christmas light tour and dinner at Wilderness Lodge, but this time, make sure we time it so that we see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the top of the Contemporary. That would be a magical beginning. I love fireworks and Christmas lights. The Grand Floridian Resort, the Beach Club, Boardwalk, Dolphin and Downtown Disney, all have great trees.

17. Tia's Fantasyland tour with Dayna's hat, haha.

18. The fantastic Illuminations from the french island. That was the very best.
19. Group meals for Tonga Toast, Animal Kingdom, Hoop de Doo Review, Polyneasian Review.

20. Group visits to Disney Quest, Pleasure Island, water park, etc.

21. Laughing so hard that I cried.

22. Feeling all the love and joy of real friendship.

O.K., I'll think of some more things, later.

Please don't get upset with me if I left your name out here, because I want to get to know everyone better in person.

RaySharpton :)
That was a great list, Ray! :D
I want to add Tia's Fantasyland/festive hat meet to my list. I loved that mini meet. I loved Steve's flag hat-that was really a great hat!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
and let me, the :crazy: one, be the first to take Dayna's challenge for IASW. Hey if I can endure 12 times on the Tower of Terror I can ride IASW at least that many. Do you think after a while they'll make me just stay in the boat and not have to wait in line between rides? You can get more rides in that way.

Anybody got any earplugs I can trade for? LOL

1. I just can't wait to meet everybody !!!!

2. DATW (and making new beer buddies).

3. Adventurer's Club (haven't done that yet)

4. Hanging out with my DD's with no DH's to interfere !!!! :D :D (j/k, I love my DH and SIL's)
1. Getting together with the veteran commandos.
2. Inducting some of the new recruits. (Tia, Tammy and Sandra are in charge of the initiations.)
3. A Tonga Toast Breakfast Party.
4. The Adventurers' Club
5. A Christmas Processional Package
6. Another scavenger hunt during Barry's thrill ride tour.:D
7. Dayna's new hat.
8. Try some new restaurants.
9. Try Disney Quest
10. Barb's green glove
11. Pin collecting :rolleyes:
12. A Blizzard Beach Party?

Things I'll probably not do/see
1. Ray's Big Dogs
2. Frank wearing something "festive":rolleyes: (Well, I do have a Charlie Brown Christmas T-shirt. Does that count?)
4. Dayna's sick, twisted, and cruel IASW contest.
Originally posted by lowellsdad
Dayna's sick, twisted, and cruel IASW contest.

Hey Dayna, I've been thinking about it, and I think I'll bring along a supply of NERF baseballs, for us passive-aggressive types.

More than anything it is meeting people - DIS buddies, new and old!

Just being immersed in the Disney Magic is ALWAYS a real pleasure too!

I do like the sounds of the Adventurer's Club! I haven't done that yet, and would sure like to!

After that, well I'm a DISCon newbie - so I'm looking to do everything I can! :)
I want ot do THE LOT!!:D

Im so excited I could burst.

Im really looking forward to meeting everyone and cementing our friendship even more.

I also need to put my name down for the slumber party as that sounds so much fun.

Also which ride is the IASW as set out in Dayna's challenge? Is it teh star wars one? If so you can count me out of that one, I feel sick just waiting to go on :D

Emma, IASW is It's a Small World! Some people (not me) don't particularly care for the ride. (not me) So they think it would be funny to have some sort of tortuous ride marathon there. (not me) I don't get it, I love that ride. So this whole idea escapes me. :D :D:p :p :p
Thanks for the update Barb, I dont think ive ever been on that ride. Well there's a first for everything.



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