What happens if you cant get into the port's or cc?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by chucklechops, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. chucklechops

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    Mar 7, 2004
    Hi, was just wondering what happens if it's really rough weather and the ship cant get into the port's and CC?
    I use to work on the cruise liners and we either had a dayat sea or arrived earlier at the next port.
    Due to the cruises being shorter does this still happen. ?
    And if it's mega bad weather and you can't get anywhere do you get any compensation ?
    I hope this is'nt a daft question and I know we have no control over the weather, but I would be gutted if we could'nt get to CC and the port's and not have at least some form of discount so we could cruise again as it's taken us a long time to save for this trip.
  2. DisneyKids

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    Nov 15, 2001
    It's never happened to us but I think they would just do a day at sea or figure another option (another port, etc.). As far as discounts, I would think it would have to be a pretty severe bunch of changes to the cruise for them to offer a discount. Keep in mind that it says somewhere in your documents that this kind of thing could happen and is a risk of travel. No one wants to think about missing a port...especially Castaway Cay, but it can (and has) happened. Hope it doesn't for you, me and everyone else!!!
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  4. bbump

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    Jan 10, 2001
    On our first Cruise (2001 Halloween Magic), we missed Castaway Cay due to Hurricane Michelle brewing up. The Captain tried more than once to dock, but to no avail. Yes, it was a bummer, but I think we had a better day staying at Sea. There was a change in ship plans, and a deck party was planned, and there were drink specials too. Plus the Captain sailed into clear, sunny skies. If we stayed on Castaway Cay, it would have stormed all day. I was happy with the Captain's decision..we had a fun day!!!! pirate:
  5. plutojudy

    plutojudy When you wish upon a star.....

    Jan 1, 2001
    On the March 29, Magic last year we had very rough seas because of a cold front. We did not go the Key West on Sunday. We could not go to Grand Cayman because the seas we too rough to tender. They moved Cozumel up a few days, the next day we went to Costa Maya, Mexico and on Thursday we were able to dock in Key West. We did get into Castaway Cay with no problem. So what they do is they can juggle ports around or sometimes you are lucky like we were and get to do a one cruise only trip to a new place. We loved Costa Maya and wish they would cancel Cozumel and go to Costa Maya instead.
  6. Lloyd Dobler

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    May 21, 2003
    We missed St. Maarten on the Magic once, in fall of 2000. We called at Key West on Sunday, and there was talk of an extra Castaway Cay day and a call at Nassau, but by the time we left Key West, the storm had turned south, so we headed to St. Thomas and called there as scheduled. We ended up having Monday and Tuesday at sea, rather than Sunday/Monday.
  7. tkd lisa

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    Feb 1, 2002
    There was a cruise a few years back that people dubbed the Magical Mystery Cruise. They were dodging bad weather, and I think went to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico or someplace like that. Several people from that cruise still post, so they'll probably fix my mistake!

    Anyway, the captain will try to steer around the weather, and DCL will re-arrange a new port if possible. If you booked your own excursions, then it's up to the people you booked with if they charge you for the excursion. If you book with DCL, they don't charge you for it.
  8. Tiiiigergirl

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    Mar 14, 2000
    Ah, yes the mystery cruise of Sept/Oct 2002 courtesy of hurricane Lili. We spent two days at Castaway Cay so there were some definite bonuses to it. It was supposed to be a Western so on Key West day we went to Castaway. Our sea days stayed the same I think! We went to St. Thomas and Puerto Rico and then onto Castaway Cay again. In some ways it was disappointing because we planned on one thing but it wasn't the problem that some people made it out to be! It made our family decide that Disney should start out every cruise on Castaway instead of ending with it.

    The only truly hard part was that we really did not know especially at the beginning of the cruise where we were going from one day to the next. That was of course because the captain has the ability to change the course at his discretion and he was trying to see if we couldn't keep our regular itinerary.

    We are hoping to be able to have the weather co-operate this time. Western in almost two months. I made final payment yesterday!:hyper: :hyper: :hyper:

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