What happened to the fanny pack?


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Mar 4, 2010
Being female, I use a cross-body bag. My husband wore cargo shorts. We don't go on water rides, so I wasn't really worried about things getting wet. If it rains, we duck for cover.


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Feb 9, 2012
Anything that needs to stay dry, but that you want on your person the whole time (cameras, cell phones, etc). You can temporarily put your sunglasses in there without the risk of crushing them in your pocket. You name it.
what are you jumping in the pool or something? i dont think youll ever be able to convince me that a fanny pack is a better option then "the pocket" haha, i think most pairs of mens shorts made in the last 15 years comes with cargo pockets that probably have more storage space than a fanny pack.


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Jul 16, 2009
Last time I wore one was my '99 trip to WDW. I was 5 years ahead of all the hipsters!
Reviewing my pictures after the trip I decided that it time to retire it though. Maybe I'll dig it back out for my next trip. It ain't one of those hip/stylish jobs you see nowadays either. Big and black with a thick belt and giant clip that you can support your entire body weight with.

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Jan 3, 2011
Long answer:

Was a fan of the backpack or fanny pack until the first time I took just my older kids to the park and left the little ones with DW in the room. The bag check line was ridiculous and we just sailed through the walk in line. It was like I had been freed from a punishment I didn't know I was subjecting myself too. I still managed to carry tickets, fastpass, camera, cell phone, wallet and sunscreen. and baggies to keep everything dry.

Short answer: cargo shorts.


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Jul 6, 2010
Fanny packs doesn't even get picked up on my "greatest inventions radar." LOL

I use a wristlet - it holds my phone & camera, ID, card key, park pass, cash and lip balm. I enjoy that it's hand free while everything is right at my fingertips (literally...LOL) and it fits in DHs pocket so we can skip the bag search.


Apr 19, 2006
I typically find myself carrying my wife's stuff, so it is way more convienent for me to have my small fanny bag than to have either my cargo short pockets stuffed or for her to have a purse that oops, she just left at that restaurant! And given the odd positions needed to get into and out of a lot of the rides, plus the possibility of sitting in a pool of wet from some rides, having a pouch I can move around my waist that has all of my stuff is greatly comforting. A regular wallet would definitely get soaked at MK or AK and stuff in the cargo pockets might fall out or get crushed in rides.


Jan 3, 2009
I am a huge fan of the fanny pack!!!! so I am a 48 year old uncool mom who has her hands free to eat a frozen banana or Mickey Mouse bar who is not checking her pockets every few minutes to make sure I have my money, tickets, credit cards.... So at the end of March you see me with my fanny pack on you can say Hi ....or not.....:thumbsup2
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    Sep 21, 2011
    "Fanny" pack vs. backpack

    Fanny pack can be mounted easily in front of you...you don't need to take it off to get something out of it

    Fanny pack can be mounted easily in front of you...it's hard for people take something out of it while you're not looking or to lose something out of it because you forgot to zip it.

    Fanny pack doesn't need to be removed to ride any rides, to sit down anywhere, or to do just about anything.

    Fanny pack is mounted near your waist...at your center of gravity...as opposed to a back pack that can weigh down the top part of your body, cause you to lean forward and have muscle strain. Fanny packs are perfectly centered causing very little muscle strain.

    Fanny pack is usually smaller, easier to tuck away if you do need to remove or just want to sling over your shoulder for a while.

    Professional photographers and cameramen routinely wear "fanny" packs as their tool of choice to carry essential gear with them...for all the reasons mentioned above, but mostly quick access and less body strain. Although some wear both fanny and back packs, but the essentials go in the fanny pack.

    I do agree though if you don't have that much gear, cargo shorts work great.


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    Nov 15, 2010
    Mine is a camera bag that goes around my waist, but really is a glorified fanny pack. I don't wear it the WHOLE time sometimes it is clipped onto my stroller becuase it makes me sweaty! I keep my camera, gum, tyelonal, bandaids, photpass cards and change for pressed pennies in it....and Pacifiers! THis will probably be our last trip with the paci though.

    It heps me hold the things I need and be hands free when I am away from my stroller so I can wrangle my kidlets. ANyone who cannot appreicate that can just NOT appreciate it and look away! My Hubby even has a REAL fanny pack the he likes for the same reasons! Mine is MUCH bigger though....:rotfl:

    And I am a 38 year old Woman!!!!! :cool1:

    :) I also have something like this. This was a lifesaver for me because it kept our cell phones, camera, KTTW cards, cash, credit cards, fast passes, and photo pass card all safe in one easily accessible place. It wasn't as big as a traditional fannypack, but I comfortably wore it around my waist every day. At WDW, we spend so much time walking and on the go with a mission that it was nice to have one less thing to worry about.


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    Jun 3, 2008
    I think you have inspired me to find my fanny pack. It's super cool - red plaid.


    May 26, 2011
    My husband and I are both die hard fanny pack fans. I had a neck injury years ago and can't stand anything on my neck or shoulders. Even keys, phone, etc. in jacket pockets can trigger a migraine from the weight on the neck. Often for a quick trip into the park at night when we don't need the camera, sunglasses, poncho, etc. I will just stuff my pass into my pocket, but usually I end up wishing I had brought something left in the fanny pack. I am thinking of looking for a pair of cargo capri pants this year and leave the fanny pack behind a day or two.
  • AshleeH

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    Sep 10, 2011
    I still see them all the time at Disney. I don't wear them - I'm a backpack person when we bring a bag and I swear by cargo shorts, since that will hold everything necessary for shorter days.

    I lean away from them because of fashion more than any other reason - I'm not into fashion as far as brand names, etc. but fanny packs for me, are nostalgic. They were what I had back in the 80s when I was a kid, so I left them in the 80s with my permed hair and triple-layer socks :).

    I should clarify that I don't see anything at all wrong with wearing one - I just personally don't like them. My mom still loves hers and as I mentioned before, I see them numerous times throughout the parks and don't think twice about it - it's whatever is right for you and comfortable.


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    Sep 16, 2006
    And by the way...my idea of uncool is a lanyard with little plastic sleeves that keep my tickets, credit cards in clear view of everyone else. I know Disney is a pretty safe place but I'm not about to over test it.
    I used to keep my tix and FPs in one of these and you can guess what happened. The little plastic sleeve tore off while we were on Tom Sawyer's Island and I didn't realize it until we were on the raft heading back. We turned around and when back to the island. When we got there we found the sleeve, but it was missing our tix and 3 sets of FPs. :mad: Disney replaced our tickets and one of the CMs gave us FPs for Splash, but it still took about an hour out of our day and I learned my lesson. We now keep tickets and FPs in a purse or in my dh's wallet (which he usually keeps in a buttoned cargo pocket in his shorts).

    I don't carry a fanny pack, but only because I love organizer bags and my dh carries a day pack for us.


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    Jul 5, 2001
    I despise the fanny pack, but I actually used a Vera Bradley one on my trip to Universal since they don't allow hand held items or bags on alot of the rides


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    Jul 6, 2004
    I was a proud fanny-pack wearer up until 2 years ago. I then discovered the Baggalini, and now my fanny-pack sits on the top shelf of my closet, unused.

    The thing I really hated about my fanny-pack was that after a couple of days the weight of it really started to bother me. I hated having it constantly around my waist. And when it is really hot, ick. Nothing like being hot and sweaty and have something keeping your shirt sticking to you. I get tons of stuff in my Baggalini, and I don't notice the weight of it at all. Love being hands free, and love not having that annoying weight around my waist.


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    Oct 8, 2002
    They were what I had back in the 80s when I was a kid, so I left them in the 80s with my permed hair and triple-layer socks :)

    My take on it is...if it was useful and practical in the 80's it is still good today. Heck money was around in the 80's and you still use that don't you? :rotfl:


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    Dec 24, 2011
    my dad wears one and he's almost 45! Lol. he insists on wearing it so he won't get pick-pocketed.


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    Nov 11, 2011
    I don't understand all the hate for the fannypack either!

    I love mine and I love having my hands free and not having a purse slip off my shoulder all day long and I can't stand a cross body bag it drives me nuts to have that going across the me.

    I am 40 and will be taking it again this year. I also love it when I go on a ride, I don't have to figure out what to do with it since it is already attached to me, easy to get my wallet out of etc.

    We all will be rockin the fanny packs this year!