What happened to the fanny pack?


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Nov 12, 2006
Does anyone remember back when American Express was the Disney cc of choice and as part of the "White Glove Treatment" you got a complimentary waist satchel? I have so many of those freebees around the house . . . . .

These days I go the cargo way - either cargo pants or cargo capris mostly. I really prefer to avoid bag check whenever possible. I carry a wallet, some hand wash towelettes, one bug repellant towelette (just in case) and maybe some tissues. If it's going to rain a little, a compact umbrella, if a lot, a poncho. I don't even take my cell phone, and if I take a camera, it's small and on a neckstrap. I've been there so often that most of the time I don't even carry the camera. Less is more when it comes to touring theme parks.


Jul 22, 2008
This is an official list of the world's greatest inventions:

1) The wheel
2) Sliced bread
3) Indoor plumbing
4) Fanny packs

Yep, it's that good, and I still wear mine proudly at WDW. It may look odd on a 39-year old man, but I don't care. It keeps stuff dry on Kali River Rapids and has multiple compartments for holding stuff. I won't stop wearing mine at WDW until it breaks.

My question is, where did all the fanny packs go? I used to see them all the time. Now, hardly anyone wears them and trying to find new ones at WDW is nearly impossible.

We need to bring the fanny pack back. Who's with me?!
The answer to this question is not politically correct.


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Mar 3, 2007
How funny to find this thread. I just noticed that Fiona from Burn Notice was wearing a hip pack! (We watch on Netflix, so we're a season or two behind).


If I had a body like Fiona, I'd totally wear a leather hip bag, too! They ARE convenient...

Unfortunately, I have more of a Vera Bradley Hipster body :thumbsup2 :lmao:

That all said, whoever posted the link to the VS cargo shorts - those are super cute! Maybe rethinking my strategy here!


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Aug 19, 2001
I just ordered 2 Disney fanny packs for my kids and a personalized backpack on sale from Disneystore.com. For my next trip I'll be using my Dooney crossbody bag or my Harajuku Lovers belt bag, it's more like a belt with flat compartments.


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Jun 23, 2011
I use to wear a Fanny Pack to WDW, but I was tired of going through bag check, and suprisingly my pockets worked just fine! Of course, they ask to see my phone, and it's such a pain to get out of my pocket :sad2:


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Aug 13, 2003
We camp at Ft. Wilderness and the ONLY time I wear a fanny pack, waist bag, or whatever you want to call it, is at WDW. I have a storage compartment in the RV with 7 fanny packs... And there are only 4 of us. We each pick one and wear it to the parks. I usually wear my Vera Bradley one. I noticed Vera Bradley still making them. They're called "belt bags"
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    Aug 3, 2000
    The fannypack is great for WDW - but only while we are there! My DH has a great one that holds a lot is isn't obnoxious. He wouldn't wear it anywhere else (he doesn't need it anywhere else). I gave mine up as my kids got older - a sling bag is great for me and I'm still hands-free. Whatever keeps phones and cameras dry works and I think people should use what they want :goodvibes
    Do you know what kind it is? I am looking for one that "holds a lot and is not obnoxious"!!! His sounds perfect!!!!:cool1:


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    Oct 10, 2006
    I saw one at entrance to Hollywood Studios at gift kiosk. Just past the turnstiles as you enter. It was the only time I saw one for sale.


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    May 5, 2004
    It is amazing what will fit in a fanny pack! I love being hands free. It's fine for me. I have several in different styles/colors.

    I have seen innumerable fashion blunders that makes no sense at WDW. At least if *someone* thinks it's a blunder (which I don't really care), it does make sense as far as utility. Sky high heels at Disney, well that's another matter.

    I might not like someone's shoes, hairstyle, choice in fashion but truly no one asks me. I don't expect to be asked. Likewise, it just doesn't matter what someone thinks of my choices. Most times unless it's an "in your face -- out of the ball park choice" it doesn't register. If it does, it's a blip on my radar. I might think, "interesting" and I'm moving on.

    Life is too short.


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    Dec 15, 2001
    I find that I don't need the fanny pack anymore. As I got more experience I find I just need my wallet, phone and maybe a camera. My rule is if it does not fit in my cargo pants/shorts, I do not need it.

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