What do YOU do when you're nervous about trying new resorts

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by litlpixie, May 1, 2005.

  1. litlpixie

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    Aug 28, 2003
    When you've been dissapointed in a resort stay, you may tend to be a little he gun-shy about trying a new resort. I mean think about it, you so much effort into planning your accomodations, reading the posts, and trip-reports, you have great expectations for your stay in The World. When things dont go the way you planned, you adjust, get over it, and make the best of your vacation while it lasts. But, when your hotel experience ends up being so bad, you end up leaving the hotel earlier than expected, You end up wanting to throw yourself to the lions on the safari. Its been 3 years since and I havent had another bad exp. at a WDW resort since, but I STILL get nervous about trying new resorts. There's a name for what I suffer from, its called P.T.R.S.....Post Traumatic Resort Stress. My therapist has prescribed one turkey leg per week and I have to drink out of resort mugs only for the duration of my therapy. Anyone else out there with P.T.R.S., please dont think your alone. I w :confused3 ill be making my ressies at CSR....no POR.....no CBR.....no wait FQ......no, ummmm, time for a turkey leg!!
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    Jan 12, 2005
    We like to take a day off from the parks and resort hop for the day, checking out other resorts that we might consider staying at on a future trip. It's definitely a great way to get a "feel" for the various resorts, try out their restaurants, walk around the resort, pick up brochures, etc. Then you won't feel quite so nervous because you'll have already experienced a bit of what's to come. We've stayed at POFQ (before rennovation) and really liked it. Then we stayed at CBR, and really liked it there, too! While staying at CBR, we checked out CSR (walked around the entire resort and had buffet breakfast at Maya...liked it so much we're booked there for Christmas 2005!) We also visited WL (liked the general atmosphere, except for the running and screaming children let loose in the lobby...have two teenage boys, done with screaming kids! Not my idea of relaxing!) And then visited AKL as we had a PS for dinner at BOMA. Loved the restaurant and the atmosphere of AKL was so exotic, earthy, and dare I say romantic. Wouldn't mind getting a discount code on that resort some day!!) Also stopped in GF....may I say WOW! Arrived in time to sit in lobby sofas, enjoying the melodious tones of an orchestra playing on the floor just above. Very cool. Loved the music, but the rest seemed a bit stuffy for my taste. Felt underdressed when I was there!

    So there you go....my advice....take a day off from the parks and hop, hop, hop! Think I might check out the Poly next trip. Enjoy!

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    I'm a firm believer that over planning and over anticipation just opens you up to disappointment. We like trying new locations even though we love our Boardwalk DVC home. I like the idea of checking out the resorts ahead of time to see if you like the feel.

    Just remember that some people will find the good in everything and some will find the bad in everything so take all you read with a grain of salt.
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    Jun 22, 2003
    I know just what you mean. We've had very good experiences at the Poly, CBR, WL and AKL. We've stayed at CBR twice and AKL twice, with our third trip there coming up this May. We were going to try PO this year, but got a really good price for AKL through AP code, so we're going back again. We really do love it, so I'm very happy about our choice, but I think we have to try a different resort next time just for the experience. BC and YC and GF are all calling our names, but because they're so expensive for our budget, I'm not sure we will be able to experiment with either of these resorts, but we could certainly try PO or CSR. Guess I'm a little bit concerned because I know what I've loved at Disney, and am hesitant to try something new.

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