What do you do after excursions?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by mndisfam, Mar 26, 2006.

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    Mar 30, 2004
    Help! We are able to book tomorrow and trying to figure out excursions for the Eastern.

    We are SOSO confused - after you go on a 4-5 hour tour on St Thomas or St Maarten, what do you do? Go back to the boat? Or, does the Magic dock close to good/interesting shopping and eating places - so that once the excursion drops you off you can explore a bit before reboarding? :confused3

    My concerns are that my 7 & 10 yr old might be too tired - also, would suits and coverups be OK to walk around the towns a bit in?
  2. mdoodle

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    Feb 11, 2006
    Just home from the Eastern itinerary.
    I have a DD11. She is not interested in shopping!
    In St. Martin we went back to the ship for lunch and the afternoon. Enjoyed the pools/slide on Deck 9 with way less crowds. On sea days they are too crowded to even describe. You can walk to the shopping area or take a water taxi ($5 all day for adults, free for kids).
    In St. Thomas we also went back to the ship for lunch. If you want to go into town itself, it is a taxi ride (or a very very long walk) - $4 per person. It is like a big truck with covered seats in the back. Not fancy. There is also a pretty big shopping area right on the pier with lots of little shops. We had lunch on board, then went back onto the pier to shop. Back on the ship within an hour after buying a few little souvenirs. Enjoyed the rest of the day on board. There seemed to be lots of kids who spent the day on ship in the kids program too.
    We are not big shoppers so this schedule suited us fine. Sea days on deck 9 were soooooo crowded within a million kids in the pool. It was nice to have it so much more peaceful. It was still busy but not crowded.

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