What content were you hoping would be on Disney Plus but isn't there yet? Or what's on there that you were surprised / happy to see??


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May 28, 2009
There's seems to be a lot of the Sunday night Disney movies that are missing. Not everything that Disney owns is going to be on the streaming service. There's a lot of me to view But I hope that some of these are added at some point. I'm sure it will be.

Also for my sister More of the Hailey Mills Ouvre Moonspinners and Summer Magic.
  • Bill007

    Jan 16, 2018
    Would love to see some of the old Wonderful World of Disney movies like The Mystery of Dracula's Castle, The Monster of Strawberry Cove and others. Was pleased to see many of the old classics available even though I already own a bunch on DVD or Blu Ray.


    Jan 16, 2018
    It’s available outside the US.
    I'm glad I was able to get Song of the South on DVD a couple of years ago. But you're right, sadly, that it will probably never see the light of day again. Unfortunate because many other films not necessarily of Disney origin which have glaring racial stereotypes are available, like many of the old Our Gang comedies.
  • Louie7080

    Oct 11, 2017
    I saw your other post. At least some of the Dexter Riley movies are on there. The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes definitely is.
    Yes, I watched that one last night then was ready to watch NYSHNYD but it wasn't there :( The 3rd one is there though.


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    Jul 24, 2013
    Yes, I watched that one last night then was ready to watch NYSHNYD but it wasn't there :( The 3rd one is there though.
    Oh, that's too bad. I hadn't checked for all of them, but knew I saw them on there. I would definitely want to watch that, and all of the "Medfield College" films.


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    Mar 22, 2001
    I was hoping for the WINNIE THE Pooh shorts, —are they compiled in full-length Pooh movies?

    I was also hoping for the bonus content on the DVDs, such as the Making of Finding Nemo, and the wonderful Mary Poppins behind the scenes documentaries.


    Jan 3, 2009
    I was looking for some Pooh segments. "Wishing Star" and one that was a western where Pooh tangles with dastardly horse. There were some others seems like I watched with kids on the Disney channel in the early/mid nineties.

    Anyone seen these on D+ or know what series they were part of?
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