What Characters Were at Your Lunch at Confisco's?


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Sep 26, 2000
I would love to hear the characters that visited you during your meal at Confisco's!

When we were there in December we saw...Beetle Bailey (my kids said who is he??) Spiderman (we all know who he is ;) ) Woody Woodpecker, Gypsy woman and The Adventurer Guy, and Dudly Do Right.

The interaction was terrific, the characters really got into it.

Who did you see?

The character lunch was one of the high points of our trip ! We saw Spidey, Dr. Doom, Grinch, a storyteller guy, Beetle Bailey, and the Cat in the Hat, who was such a troublemaker! That cat came over to our table and tipped over a drink on purpose ! Luckily not on the kids or me.... we still laugh about that cat. Hopefully we will have the same great time at lunch when we are there next week !!!!!!!
We saw Popeye and Olive Oyl, Betty Boop, the Cat in the Hat, Woody Woodpecker, Dr. Doom, Vivian the gypsy (she took my then 8 year old grandson to a separate table and spent almost 20 minutes talking and playing games with him - and in the process became his first Puppy "love". ) and of course the Grinch - he stole dgs hat, and to messed up my hair (shocking the grandsons-nobody had ever messed with their grandma before!). It was wonderful for us all! :)


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