What can an 18 month old ride?


Jan 18, 2002
I see from a lot of posts, that there are things a 2 year old can ride but what about an 18 month old? I had planned on her not riding anything but it looks like she can ride some stuff. All I have seen are Min. heights for rides. Does this mean she can ride all but those? I haven't been to WDW with a child before so I never noticed this stuff.
We went in October with our 13 month old son. He could basically ride everything except roller coasters type rides (and Tower of Terror, Dinosaur etc.), basically anything without a height restriction.
There are plenty of rides for your little one.
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When we first went my youngest was 15months and we literally rode everything with her at MK that didn't have a height restriction. All week long she kept saying "More Boats!" She loved everything in Fantasyland even snow white. Other favs were the jungle cruise, pirates of carribean and all the shows, tiki birds and country bears. Be sure he/she is in a good frame of mind before the shows, well fed and rested so as not to disturb others and have a way out planned just in case! She loved the TTA, Buzz lightyear and COP in tomorrow land even the teacups with daddy "who dosent spin". Each park has many great rides you can enjoy as a family. I had a great guide book for families with great descriptions but I lent it to my sil so I can't tell you the title. This would give you an idea of what your child can do - there are a couple that are dark and or loud so you would know your child best on these. I used a sling for her at this age since I couldn't take a stroller in line and I could keep her close in rides. Lap riding is also fine of course but the sling cuts down on the carrying in line etc. Have fun.
Our DD was 18 mo old when we took her to Disneyland.
She loved Dumbo, Pirates of the Carribean, It's a small world, Country Bear Jamboree, Tiki Birds and any show with singing/dancing or comedy. She did not like the Snow White ride!!

Thanks for all the info. Now this trip is going to be really fun for both my kids.
Just wanted to add it may depend on your child how much she likes the rides. Our then 14 month old in Nov. loved It's a Small World, MK train, Toontown playground, TTA, Speedway, Kilamajaro Safaris & Playhouse Disney show.

She went on but did not like parts of Pirates of Carribean, Winnie-the-Pooh ride, Carousel, Dumbo and others that I'm drawing a blank on but had darkness or a scary noise. Actually the carousel she really thought was neat b/c she pointed to it and said "hors" and made all sorts of noises on three different times we were passing by so we rode it 3 different times and she was always so happy to get on the horse and pat it but as soon as the ride started, she would throw her hands up and say "done!"

You really will have a blast with your 18 month old. Our DD really liked meeting all the characters so we did that ALOT at all the parks. She would touch and hug them all, very sweet. We have so many cute pics of her w/ all the characters. We also went to a character breakfast that she loved.
I would add that you know your child best, and so you can probably determine if they'll be scared on the haunted house, pirates, etc. But having said that, we took our 2 yr old triplets, and they loved it! Some people said that we were silly taking them, that they wouldn't enjoy it or remember it. Well, we've got great pictures and videos of our kids hugging Mickey and pals! And they did enjoy the rides. They even cried getting off of the haunted house, because they "didn't want to get out of the buggies!" But we took them back when they were 4, and it was a totally different experience, and they did not remember much of the first trip. But we still have those memories!

But to directly answer your question, you'll be able to carry your 18 mo old onto almost all of the rides; just not the fast and big ones!

Enjoy your trip!

We are about to take trip #4 with our son - tage on previous trips was 6 months, 15 months and 27 months.

of all the advice I read - know your child is the best.

WE can take our son and anything and everything, but then again he was at amusement parks and riding rides since he was 3 weeks old. He is not afraid of anything, but COWS (figure that one out and we live int he country)

Remeber, to give your child a choice of what to do at times as this will make their vacation more special - you'll be surprised how much a young toddler will remember about their trip.

Our son's favorite "rides" are teh busses, boats and monorails. :D

Be patinet with the little one and try out everything. You'll soon see a pattern of what the likes and dislikes are and then you can plan accordingly.

Another suggestion for todlers - some of their biggest likes and excitement are not attractions, but discovering the WDW magic - take time to let them explore the parks, fountains and characters.



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