What area to request at SSR?

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    Feb 24, 2012
    Hi everyone!

    This is our 1st stay at SSR, and I am unsure what location to request. DD/ age 3 has spina bifida, and walks with leg braces. We will have a stroller for parks, but this independence is new for her, so she is not a fan of her stroller, most days.

    I would like to request an area at SSR that will allow her to walk to food, parking, pool areas...etc. I know this place is huge and spread out, so I need a location that puts those things within reach. Is that possible?

    Also, if I am using a large stroller for her, should we plan on taking our car to parks?
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    I would suggest that you try to get one of 3 areas. My preference is by the bus route in the resort. I would suggest the Grandstand, Congress Park, The Springs in that order. I use a scooter or wheelchair, so for convenience of using the buses, the Grandstand is first bus stop, followed by Congress Park and then the Springs. The Springs is the closest section to the Carriage House (where the check-in, and restaurants are), and to the main pool (although all the sections have their own pools too), but it is the last one for bus pick-up. This could be an issue if using wheelchairs or scooters if the spots are already filled on the bus. Since you are using a stroller this won't be that big of an issue for you. The other 2 sections are about the same distance from the main area, but not undo able.

    If you want to use the buses with the stroller, just board the bus at the rear where they load wheelchairs and scooters.
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    The bus driver may give you a hard time about bringing the stroller in through the back. Hopefully they'll realize it's being used as a w/c or you can stick your head through the front door and let him know you need access for a child with a disability. The driver may also notice the leg braces. Is it a medical stroller and can it be safely strapped down or will you be wanting to fold it and have your dd sit in one of the bus seats? Just something to think about. OP, while you can certainly use your car, there's no reason that the bus is not also an option for your family. If it's warm/hot when you visit, at least you'd be getting on an air-conditioned bus vs. waiting for your car to cool off.

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