What are the little things you love about taking trips to Disney?


Aug 24, 2016
Stepping on magical express. Walking into the resort. Filling up my refillable mug for an afternoon at the pool.


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Dec 13, 2002
Meeting my sister at MCO. We live in different cities and often don't see each other between WDW trips.
Pandora at night.
Sitting on the veranda at the Rose & Crown and chatting with the server.
Seeing my Disney countdown on my computer every morning . . . although this year I've had to reset it and may have to again, but just knowing there's a WDW trip in my future makes me really happy.
  • FangirlsDilemma

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    Jan 20, 2020
    The first full view of the Castle as I step onto Main Street
    A few of the jokes on The Jungle Cruise that have become repeated family inside jokes
    Having a glass of wine either in the room or at the hotel bar after a late park night.
    The text with my room number popping up on my phone


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    Sep 23, 2009
    Finding a bench and just breathing in the atmosphere, no matter what the view.
    Watching the industrious ”avian cleanup crew” as they work steadily at picking up spilled popcorn and other crumbs. Also, their squirrelly competitors!
    Hearing the “WHOOSH” of the surfing waves at TL

    In all honesty, as I age and my mobility declines, I hit a moment in the parking lot and at the TTC when the distance to the gates seems overwhelming, and I wonder “why am I doing this again?” I swear it will be the last time. But then, once inside the park, that feeling is completely overwhelmed by the pure joy of being there! I never experience that kind of instant attitude reset anywhere else.


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    Nov 6, 2016
    We love it when we get through the chaotic security at the airport and we can relax, knowing we have a whole trip ahead of us.

    I love coming back to my hotel room after a long day at the parks to a freshly cleaned room and crisply made bed. I am going to HATE not having that this trip. 😒

    I love the sound of the alert when the reservation finder has found an ADR for me (I only use that tone for that purpose and it’s the most beautiful sound in the world! 😁).

    I love waiting in line for the bus anxiously watching for buses to pull up and cheering when it’s the one for our park or resort!

    We love rope dropping Starbucks, then sitting at the empty Casey’s tables munching on our breakfast sandwiches waiting for the welcome show to begin. (Back when Main Street opened an hour before the rest of the park. I loved that! It was so quiet and relaxing!)
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  • Justrose

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    Oct 27, 2015
    I love being on the ME and pulling in to POP, and the first whiff off the smell in the lobby when I walk in!


    Jul 31, 2018
    returned last week and this thread made me incredibly happy AND sad because I was looking forward to my much needed trip and now it has come and gone so quickly!

    --watching the tv entertainment on the magical express. You have officially made it to disney and have SO much excitement
    --checking into your hotel room and immediately putting on the TV. I need music/tv to go to bed at night and I opted for that info channel every night. I went to bed and woke up so incredibly happy as i was quickly brought back to my reality of being in Disney!!
    --taking Disney transportation. We had a rental car for a majority of this trip when our relatives joined us, but the first night we hopped on to the bus over to MK, hopped on the monorail to GF for dinner and just over hearing the conversations of their days, people watching other families all decked out in Disney, it's just magic.
    --the music in the parks
    --getting food from the food court. I know it isn't always the best quality and mobile ordering makes it a bit of a different experience now but you have your refillable mug, you walk through a hustling and bustling lobby and food court
    --anything in WDW at night time. Whether you are peacefully walking around a park or a resort. Tower of Terror lit up is my favorite
    --at Pop, there were so many rooms near ours that decorated their windows--my boyfriend looked at me and said "No where else but disney"
    --driving around disney, seeing the large dolphin and swan from a distance, ToT looming over trees, the skyliner zipping by
    --any ride with a pre-show. we were so disappointed that pre-shows aren't currently a thing


    Drop Chicken
    Jul 12, 2019
    That first peek at the Walt Disney World Resort sign as you drive on-property.
    Slapping my Magic Band on my wrist.
    Any time we pass the '90s-era Tower of Terror sign on the road outside DHS (because I remember its opening SO vividly from my youth, especially the commercials).
    The feeling of discovery when we try new things, or even when I notice new details that I hadn't the first dozen times I pass by something.
    Hate-eating stale cinnamon rolls and gross cupcakes in the parks because I always want them to be delicious this time but they aren't but I spent $6.95+ on them so I'm not going to waste them :joker:
    The happy, fulfilled exhaustion on the dark, quiet air-conditioned bus after a long park day.
    Fantasia mini-golf (a family tradition).
    Line beers!!


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