what are the best ride at wdw? and whens the best time to go on them in the day?


Earning My Ears
Feb 13, 2002
HEY hey everyone! i have a question what are the best bands in wdw, and whens the best time in the day to go on them? im, 15 and i like fast thrilling rides, and so does my older bro- so please bear that in mind! thnks for ure help! please put an answer! :pinkbounc
you wrot eband instead of rides!! LOL :)

well the best ride ever is Tower of Terror!! :)
the best time to ride is right at opening, during the parade, or anytime as long as you have a FP
hey! - haha yeah u did write bands - lol - but that okay - i think the most thrilling rides are tower of terror - rock n roller coaster - test track - splash mountian - thunder mountain - and space mountain - there all alot of fun - and the best times are really early in the morning when the park first opens, durring a parade, or even 5 minutes before the park closes - there is also fast pass which lets u on the ride w/ practically no line
Oh Splash Mountain is the best ride, hands down! Usually in the beginning of the morning or during parades is the best time, but now b/c they have Fast-Pass, if you just get one of those you'll be fine! :D
The best ride is Rock'n Rollercoaster. Go to mgm before it opens and when it opens go right to the ride!!!
You're all wrong, the best ride ever is Snow White's Scary Adventures.

As you can see, this fact has escaped most people, so you can ride in the afternoon, when all the ignorant people are riding their 'thrill rides' :rolleyes:

- Suzi
lol Pigsoldier!:)

My favourite rides are Test Track, Peter Pan's Flight (I know- that's worse than Snow White's Scary Adventures:rolleyes: ), The Great Movie Ride, Star Tours, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Kali River Rapids.

The best time to ride the attractions is early in the morning and last thing before the parks close as they're less crowded then.
If you like thrill rides you MUST do Rock'n'Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain.:) It's best to get a FastPass for these rides though because the lines get REALLY long.

Hope this helps!:smooth:
the best ride at MK is TTA...hands down!

never a line and such a relaxing ride(thats why its my fav! :D)


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