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BWV 2001
Feb 24, 2001
We are going home to BWV for the first time on Sunday. Are the villas missing anything that you always bring yourself?

Any tips for a first time visit?

Thanks a bunch!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Are you staying in a 1 or 2 bedroom? I always bring extra soap, one for the second bathroom sink and one for the kitchen. Will you be cooking or bringing in leftovers? Bring saran wrap or foil. There are never enough hangers, I pack my shorts with the hangers on or throw extras into the suitcase.

Have a great time!:)
Thanks DebbieB!

We are staying six nights in a two bedroon and I expect we will eat in and cook about 1/2 the time and go out or eat leftovers the other half.

Any other thoughts? Thanks.
I always bring cheapo bottles of shampoo and conditioner. It's no big deal to leave the $.99 bottles behind.

Laundry detergent, pre-spotter and fabric softener are also "must have's" for me.
salt and pepper
a non-stick skillet
plastic spatula
microwave popcorn
fabric softener sheets
Dish towels (I think DVC supplies only one)
I don't bring a lot of stuff...usually just Starbucks coffee,coffee filters,a stain stick pre-wash treater,fabric softener sheets,extra hangers and clip hangers, and a small non-stick frying pan. When we get there, we do a quick run to the store to pick up snacks, drinks, food, laundry soap(they give you one box of Tide powder, but it makes my "delicate"DH itch!)etc. A list of things I usually get (keep in mind the DH and I usually only eat breakfast and snacks in the room):
Half and half
hot chocolate
laundry soap
English muffins
orange juice
fresh fruit

We use the English muffins,ham,and cheese to do an Egg McMuffin type thing(hence the need for the non-stick frying pan. I like to keep things relatively simple when we're there. It's not much of a vacation if one person spends a lot of time doing the thing there that they do at home(namely cooking!!!)

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