What a wonderful surprise!


Aug 18, 1999
We booked last week for a 7 day cruise in September. Today I just got a call from the DVC office. They informed me that due to the Fall Fantasy Special they were crediting our account for 28 points and giving us a $50 shipboard credit. Yes!!!

I got the same call last week. We got 16 points back for 2 people.
We also got $150 onboard credit.(Are you sure you got only $50?)

We will be on the sept 21st cruise!!!!
I think they told me $50 onboard credit. I wonder if it has to do with the category that was booked (ours was cat. 10). I need to contact DVC about our credited points...I'll ask.
I just talked to DVC and the credit and points have to do with the category booked. $50 credit was correct.
WOW, That's great news. I wonder if it's only on the 7 day cruises. We're going on a 4 night cruise and then over to GF for 3 nights in May and it would be nice to get some points back.

That's great news! This is the kind of thing that makes me happy to be DVC! They certainly COULD say that "you booked knowing a specific point price, and if a deal comes out later, too bad", but instead you get a refund without even having to ask!! :):):)
Does anyone have a link to somewhere where it is explained exactly what the fall special is? In other words, what the 'sale prices' are on points/stateroom, and what the dates are?
We had this happen to us last year. We had a cat 7 reserved for 334 points, and it dropped to 290 points with a $150 statroom credit. Also, since the special last year had the same point requirements for cats 5-7, we were able to switch to a cat 5 for the same 290 points (This was for the 7 Day cruise).

Last year after we got the call, the special was listed on members website under Member News. It doesn't look like there is anything there yet, but I would expect to see it there in a few days.

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