What 2 Bedroom at BCV close to SAB?


Apr 9, 2001
Does anyone who has been to BCV know what 2 bedroom will be closest to walk to SAB? Taking Mother In-Law and don't want her to have to walk to far. She won't want to take her wheelchair and will want to walk.
None of them are very close to SAB. They are very close to the BCV quiet pool, but all far from the SAB pool. We were very close to the elevator and it was still a bit of a hike to SAB. Once you come down the elevator, you will have to walk from the Villas to the BC store area, through the lobby, past Cape May, then to the pool.

To leave your room, even if you are on a ground floor room, you will have to exit via the main lobby or one of the corridor exits.
I'd estimate even the closest room in BCV would be approx a 5 - 7 minute walk to SAB. As stated previously, you'd have to leave BCV, walk over to BC to the store, go through the lobby and then out to SAB. I walked from the YC side of SAB to the BCV and it took about 15 minutes for the whole trip. I was going to visit the model, which is room 108, VERY close to the exit of BCV.

Closest I would say would be in the area of Ariel Statue, or the courtyard views of Ariel and Beach Club, in any case getting to BC isn't bad, it's the walk thru BC to get to SAB that takes time.

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