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Apr 30, 2001
Merry New Year to all my DISnier buddies:)

For the New Year celebrations we went along to my friend Hilary's country manor for the evening. She had purchased some fireworks to set off to make the celebrations more special for the children seeing as they couldn't have any vintage champagne.

Her idea of entertainment was somewhat lacking but Cuthbert and I sooned livened things up with a game of "pin the tail on the horse". Dixie was very good at this game but I suspect she was peeking. When it was my turn I couldn't see a thing and stuck the pin right into Hilary's leather sofa, she was furious:eek: I told her to calm down it could be repaired or she could just purchase a new one:confused: . The gane continued and Cuthbert having had too many Champagne/Whisky cocktails accidently stuck the pin in me:mad: :mad: :mad: I was soooooo angry, Cuthbert laughed, bless him, he soon stopped when I kicked him hard where it hurts the most!!!

As midnight neared we went outdoors to listen for the chimes of Big Benjamin (we had to put the radio on as Benjamin is in London and not Devon, therefore we wouldnt have heard him in the manor grounds). It was at this point Hilary's husband refused to light the fireworks on account of being scared. Obviously I wouldnt do it and Hilary was too merry. Cuthbert stepped in like a true hero:D He managed to light the rocket without any problems. He didnt have a hammer to secure the Catherine wheel thing onto the fence so I told him to just pop it into the ground, which he did. Well, the wheel chased him round the garden, he was screaming like a hysterical person, the children thought it was funny. We managed to get the whole thing on video so we shall send it to You've Been Framed.

Cuthbert was so shocked we went home and he saw in the new year with 2 bottles of whisky and a bottle of brandy to help with the shock. I had 3 bottles of champagne and one of Cuthbert's cocktails and went to bed. I was shocked when I woke up and discovered it was January 2nd:eek: I appeared to have missed a day so for the rest of the year I shall be a day behind everyone until I make up the lost time.

Merry New Year to you all. :)

Love always
Veronica, Cuthbert, Dixie and Amos
Sorry for the spelling mistakes. The edit thing is taking too long for me.

Love always
Lovely to see you back, Veronica! I enjoyed your New Year's story and wondered if Cuthbert is conscious yet? :p


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