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SueM in MN

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Aug 23, 1999
I am excited to welcome you to the disABILITIES board in our new home.
It looks a little different and it works a little different than the old board did, but I'm sure we'll soon be comfortable and fill up some of the empty space.
I would lie to add in my welcome as well! Here's to a long and happy DIS life in our new home!! :):jester:
I made it, the change looks nice... but this SENIOR member thing has GOT to go...

I love the GMT... it's always nice to know what time it is in London! Of course, that will probably get changed and I"ll have to keep calculating those 5 hours.. :rolleyes:

AND - I've lost my signature - that trouble maker dan-o had it stored somewhere for me....
The time is a distraction. I am confused enough without having to worry about what time it is in London. I also hope that gets changed.
On the positive side, we can now do things like color much easier and we didn't lose any of our counted posts.
I agree that Senior Member stuff has to go. I need to see how I get it changed.
Figured it all out... under usercp, edit profile... phew... I wouldn't want anyone to think I was mature or something...

I'll be happy to grow old enough to be a senior, but never never grow UP! :D
WOW this is nice.

Even spell checker! (of course it's not working now)

I got rid of the Senior Member thing too, made me feel old and I already am.

Anyone figure out how the attach a file works?

How do you fix the time?
Well, it may take a little getting used to, but I can already see that this board will be an improvement over the old one. If it saves Pete money and our response time is better and we have more features... it has to be a good thing!

I hope we can move over some of our personal favorite threads, the ones we bump for newbies... and clearly I have to get busy on that FAQ again!
Only thing I don't like about this new board is that we don't have all our great old threads like the perfect wheelchair and all the great tips. Guess we'll have to start those over.:(
I wish we could have brought over all our old threads, but it wasn't possible. At least we still have access to them and we can cut and paste and bring some things over. The last few times the boards changed, it was a major crash (SSShhhh, we don't want to say that too loud, computers don't like that word) and we lost everything.
teri has a lot of stuff saved from her FAQ work and I need to get busy and save some threads on my zip disk.
I went back 25 pages on our old board (thru mid September) and copied stuff (into neatly sorted files) onto my computer. I'm going to put it on a zip drive file too, so it should be safe. So we've got what we need for FAQs or the guidebook if we ever get to writing it.
Some of the files I saved were:
Fantasy Wheelchair Accessories
How do you deal with Staring
How to Explain disabilities to Children
My Afternoon and evening at Epcot in a Wheelchair.
Those are all saved as text files and I saved the links, just in case we can move some over.
I think those are the main classics that we would like to save, but let me know if you have other favorites and I'll zip over and get them while we still can.
Now I'm gonna go over and snatch our threads from the last few days on the old board, cut and paste them over here. They will not be nice to look at and it's not practical to do for large threads, but at least we will be back to where we wer on Friday. ¨


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